23 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Deadlift & Circle of Death

  1. circle of death? is that like unicorn trapping?

    1. it’s ~5 minutes of core work. no unicorn but i think there’s a turtle

      1. ah i must’ve missed it last time.

    2. I missed the ‘circle of death’ last time. Really hope I make it back in time from Baltimore to feel the pain this time around. … but if not at least I’ll make it back in time for BeerRun!!!

      1. Ahh, Beer Run. So sad I’ll miss it again. Work Christmas party instead, wish me luck…outdrink co-workers for time.

    3. More like circle of torture since you’re not actually dead at the end. You may feel like you’ve been stomped on by a unicorn when you’re done.

      1. Sad day Paige!!
        But it will have to be a quick Beer Run for me! 🙁
        My legs are still shaking from this week so I’m excited for Circle of Death!

  2. Good website for estimating your weight for this workout:


  3. 199, 199, 199, 177, 177

    I think I tweaked my lower back a bit during that third set, so I dropped the weight. I may err on the side of caution here and take the next few days off.

  4. 67#, 77#, 87#, 111#, 111# – still working on form.

    1. Sorry G!!

  5. 89# all five and survived the circle of death.

  6. 133#, very similar to unicorn rodeo.

  7. 236-245-250-255-260
    +hill runs (x3 at O-Hill)
    (snatch practice yesterday 5×5 at 89#)

  8. Gretchen Kittelberger December 11, 2009 — 7:42 pm

    DL: 4×2 @ 221#
    + running o-hill 3 times (splits 3:21, 3:29, 3:20)

  9. 111#, 121#, 121#, 133#, 133# + circle of death

    And I still could have gone higher! Must be those awesome CF trainers who put me in touch with my inner East German. Stärker, schneller, härter!

  10. 99, 109, 109, 114, 114

    and I found my new least favorite thing to do, aka Circle of Death

  11. 199, 199, 204, 209, 214

  12. DLs: 133, 133, 155, 155, 155
    Circle of Death was fun!
    Discovered I can do HSPUs with 2 abmats on top of a 5kilo plate. Hey, it’s a start.

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