26 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Double Unders, Walking Lunges, Push Press

  1. Double unders wheeeee!!!!

  2. whoa someone needs a haircut

  3. 12:31 (60 single, 67#) – need to work on getting more than one double in a row

  4. Another newbie question for the group. What do people recommend for post-workout nutrition, especially for people who work out early in the morning?

    1. G – I’m no nutitionist, but I always like to down an apple post-workout, then something more substantial a little while later. The apple seems to give me a nice little post-workout kick and replenishes my energy. I’d love to hear what others say. Glad to have you in the box!

    2. G, I also am no nutritionist, and I find I’m never even hungry right after a workout but if I can I head for the protein. Something my doctor told me to do once. After morning workouts especially I find I’ll finally get hungry around 9:30 or 10am so eggs it is!

    3. the short answer is consume a simple sugar 30 minutes after your workout (fruit, sweet potato, etc). Make sure you get some protein within 2hours or so.

    4. I’m a fan of fresh squeezed orange juice with lots of pulp. Love being able to chew my juice.

  5. 13:30 (alternating double/single-unders, 45#).

  6. 11:48, (45, then 35 for last set, 3 x’s su)

  7. 14:23 72# first round, 67# last two rounds. SO close to Rx’ing it.

    1. your double under work really shows!

      1. Thanks Kyle!!! It definitely made that part of the WOD go by much quicker. (much more quickly? Ahhh my mind is already in ‘break’ mode.)

  8. 17:25 45#, and EVERY freaking double under!

    1. Good Job!!!

  9. Gretchen Kittelberger December 15, 2009 — 9:26 pm

    2 mile run: 16:44

    Wod: 9:32 Rx

  10. 11:47, 35#(5, 10, 15) and 3x su

  11. 14:11? 14:40? not entirely sure…
    (did all double unders! first time in a work out!/ well OK the last five of the first 30 I did 20 singles… so close! I know I know… only in horseshoes and hand grenades)

    1. Yay for double unders! Also way to push through the workout all by your lonesome.

  12. 8:19 67# – light push press meant no pain during the workout. My form after like 2 months of not doing hardly any shoulder pressing was a little dicey though.

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