33 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: “Landon”

  1. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

    Chest bump!

  2. that truck gets further away every time

    1. I’ll give you $10 if you move it to the closer end of the parking lot, at say, 50 meters.

      1. this one conveniently falls on my day off. have fun!

  3. Good thing Lydia has her game face on for this one.

      1. RAAR!!!!

  4. 8:15, 177# (I hate burpees!)

  5. 9:30ish, 177# *3, 155# *1 (toughest workout I’ve done in years).

    1. there are tougher ones 🙂

    2. nice work Dan, glad to see you at the gym.

    3. Hey nice to see those DL weights. I know you said 133# was tough last friday so I’m happy to see you were able to do the workout w/ 177#. Good work. Hopefully see you tomorrow morning!

      1. I’ll be in Saturday, assuming you’re not shut down due to ApocalypseSnow.

  6. Gretchen Kittelberger December 17, 2009 — 1:48 pm

    7:35 (185 # DL, sub 20 double unders for running)

    1. i ran in 5 degree weather, i think you should too 🙂

    2. I would have subbed at least 40-50 for a 300m run.

  7. First day at Crossfit Works (Tucson)
    20 min. AMRAP —
    run 250m
    25 air squats
    25 pushups

    7 rounds, plus run, plus 4 squats (knee pushups)

    1. running plus squats always hurts. Good work and enjoy the nice weather. Keep working on those kipping pullups. When you get back I expect to see multiples!

      1. They actually have a bar just my size here (no box required but I still have to jump slightly to grip it), it’s also wrapped with tape so grip is no problem! And tomorrow’s workout is pull-ups and front squats… Oh and the high today is 70. I did handstands in the backyard with the sun shining down la dee da dee da…

  8. 6:55 @ #248

    first time running since April 2001….weird.

  9. 6:05 @ 265#

    also tried max box jump to 42″

  10. 7:10 351#. RX

    1. Big Things!!!

  11. 8:07 @ 111#

    Should have gone a little heavier, but running was involved and I was afraid I’d bonk.

  12. 11:07, 89#; That may have been the toughest 11:07 of my life but doing that was really awesome (strange to say that about an event the induced mild delirium and severe nausea)!
    Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement!

    1. You just got better…adaptation can suck!!

      NICE WORK!!!

    2. 6:31, 253#

  13. 6:32, 253# nipping at the heals

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