20 thoughts on “Friday Workout: High Box Jumps & Power Cleans

  1. 2:40 87#, 24″ box

  2. 2:58 89# 28″

  3. did you guys like that WOD?

    1. Yeah, I liked the WOD, but could have used one other excersize in the rotation. It was a little short.

  4. I think Crossfit Works is stealing their WOD ideas from you guys because I seem to keep ending up doing the same movements…

    5 rounds:
    4 Power Cleans (125/185 or 85% max whichever is lighter)
    8 pullups

    They wanted us to bust through the pullups but have to put the bar down each time on the power cleans, so I did the pullups with the green band (can’t say I ‘busted through them’ each time, though…). Power cleans started at 90# but after 2 reps went down to 85#. My last round of power cleans was atrocious. It took a ridiculous number of attempts to complete all 4 and instead of lowering my weight they wanted me to work on lowering my body (I was trying to bring the bar up to my shoulders instead of dropping to the bar). This was good, though, since it made me work on my technique.

  5. 3:17, I cannot remember my weight….67??? 12″

    I liked the WOD and the combo of exercises were good. Mabye 2 more rounds would have bumped it up to that crazy hard level……but I wasn’t lifting a super heavy weight or jumping on a 36″ box……

  6. 3:25 155#PC, RX… but some half step Box Jumps

    1. PR 1RM Power Clean 187#

  7. Missed the evening WOD due to the weather (actually, due to fear of stupid drivers), so I worked out at UVA at lunch.

    AMRAP in 25 minutes:

    Swim 500 yards
    Soak in the hot tub

    Hmm…only managed to finish one round.

    1. I like your workouts

  8. 4:53, 62#, 24″ box
    most of my time was spent pondering/psyching myself up for the next jump

  9. 4:24 @ 115# / 35″

    Thanks Landon for sticking around for anyone crazy enough to show up

  10. 3:49 (?) 77#/24″ box

  11. Evening WOD:

    For time:
    Gather shovel, wife’s snow boots and hats/gloves
    Run .96 miles in snow, with said gear, to stranded wife (it’s her B-day too)
    Push 5 cars up snowy hill (including one out of a ditch)
    Get wife unstuck from snow and into parking spot in close complex
    Walk .96 miles in the snow back with Jenn (carrying the flowers I had sent to her work today)

    Completed as RX’d

    Functional fitness at its finest

    1. … awwwww

    2. That snowy hill didn’t happen to be Mountainwood, did it? The stranded car pile was starting to build up when we went by (couldn’t stop! would get stuck!) Nice work!

    3. Such a stand up guy!

  12. 3:34 111/36″ +1 GIANT bruise on my left shin from missing on jump 28.

  13. snow sounds wonderful, can’t wait to be back in the US for a couple days : D

    6:26 Rx’d 154 lbs, 36″ air conditioning unit

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