10 thoughts on “Monday Morning & Lunch Classes Cancelled

  1. We are planning to try, if we can get out of our parking lot by then. Supposedly they’re plowing it tonight.

  2. I wish I could — have to work till 6 Monday. I did channel CF today when I was digging out my car, though maybe I should have finished faster than an hour and a half… See you Tuesday!

  3. I gave Lydia a shovel, she has no excuses! (; we will be out of town, so no Monday class for us.

    1. The shovel has gotten a lot of use! Several overambitious neighbors were rescued with it already.

  4. should be able to make it. if anyone is somewhere inbetween 15th and xfit and needs a ride LMK

  5. Until the plow comes, I’m stuck. I heard there are 100+ cars in various states of distress along 250 between Crozet and C’ville. Can you post an at home WOD for those who remain stranded?

    1. Just added an @ home WOD for you all. Enjoy!

  6. D and I stuck at home, so we did the AMRAP WOD:
    18 rounds + 5 pushups+ 10 situps + 7 squats

  7. 14 rounds + 5 push-ups & 10 sit ups

    Yesterdays WOD was sled down the hill and walk back up 30 rounds!!

  8. 17 rounds + 5 pushups & 8 situps

    Note to self: find yoga mat. Ow, my tail bone!

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