Actual Member Testimonials & Praise

We recently did a anonymous survey of our members to evaluate their overall experience with the gym as well as specific issues. We left one open box for people to write whatever they wanted. Here is what our actual members wrote (without being asked to give us testimonials):

You guys are doing a kick ass job, keep up the great work!

I have very much enjoyed the program and the trainers and find the environment to be highly motivating!

This is the most consistent I have ever been about going to the gym (i.e. lifting weights) and while I feel I still have a long way to go I am pleased with the results to this point.

My first impression of the price was that it was high but what you provide does have alot of value-meaning lots of individual attention, great enthusiasm,  the trainers are excellent in knowledge and motivation and injury prevention, so in saying all of that I don’t know what to say an appropriate price is for all of the awesome things you have going for you. I would just worry that the price may initially turn some people away thinking that some of the other gyms are more reasonably priced even though you guys provide so much more in terms of everything above.

I would never work this hard on my own.  Without the motivation from the trainers, I wouldn’t have come as far as I have since I started.  CrossFit is literally a life changing experience for the better!

All in all, I think all the trainers are doing a fantastic job.  The programming seems well suited to the the general needs and abilities of the clientele, and people really seem to be getting results.

We’re starting a free intro week on January 2nd. Come change your life and experience what’s great about CrossFit Charlottesville. Tell your friends. All athletic backgrounds welcome!

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