Monday Workout: Shoulder Press, Squat Cleans & Pullups

We’ll only have two classes today at 5 and 5:30. The gym will close at 6PM, so make sure you arrive early enough to complete shoulder press before starting the WOD.  BE CAREFUL DRIVING!!!!


Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3 (compare to 11/30)


15-12-9 of

  • Cleans (133# / 89#)
  • Chest-t0-Bar Pullups

No power cleans allowed. You must drop below parallel on each rep, even if you do a partial squat.

15 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Shoulder Press, Squat Cleans & Pullups

  1. Does this mean the 15-12-9 part is starting at 5/530? ie the gym will be open before 5?

  2. ya we’ll be there starting at 4:30

  3. Ok, so I’m going stir crazy being stuck in the house (there’s only so much I can clean and nothing left to shovel but the street) and decided to walk up to ourlittle neighborhood fitness center. Lo and behold, there’s a rowing machine up there. I did 3 sets of 200/500 splits at 1:44, 1:44 and 1:45 respectively, with two witnesses! Which means I met my goal of 3 consecutive 200/500 splits @ 1:45. Does it count on a non-CrossFit rower? In the absence of any objection, I’m going with yes. Forget it, I’m going with yes regardless.

    1. Nice work!!!

  4. 104-109-109-109-114 (PR)

    8:28 WOD, RX

  5. We did “Elizabeth” today with full squat cleans (55# [could have gone a tad heavier], assisted ring dips on the toes but I want to start using a band I think).

    Also have any of you played the ‘fish’ game on the rowers? We began the warm-up with that game, and I must say my score was 260 which wasn’t bad for having no idea what was going on the first few minutes!

  6. SP: 89/99/109/ 114 *2 / 114*2

    WOD: #111, C2B PU – 9:07

  7. 40-40-40-40-40

    #25 hang cleans/blue band (10-9-5) – 7:38

  8. 116, 121, 126, 131, 136. OK so new SP PR my 1RM was 133 but today I got a set of 3 at 136#

    10:07 RX for WOD.

    Liked the programming Kyle. All weakness of mine!

  9. 89/99 (2)/94/89/89. Shoulders definitely felt lotsa stretch (maybe pain?) but my last 2 sets felt good. Narrower grip helped.

    WOD: 89#, 9:07. Form got REALLY bad towards the end on the cleans.

  10. 12:50 – 62#, red band pullups (but some were jumping)

    shoulder press was all over the place – working on technique

    1. sick job on the cleans!

      1. … we have a red band?! Nice work!

  11. home wod (did it tuesday): 23 rounds + pushups + 8 situps

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