17 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Running & Kettlebell Fun

  1. Annie in 9:23 … doing better on the double-unders. Will go for a run when the temp hits double-digits (current = 5 degrees).

    Goblet squats, eh? Is this part of the dragon-slaying progression again? 🙂

  2. 18:40, 35#

    Running in the cold wasn’t bad, it helped to numb the pain!

  3. WOD: 12 min. AMRAP of 3 MUs, 6 DLs (225/155), 9 big tire jumps (2 tires).
    7 rounds +1 MU
    my substitutions: assisted MUs (toes on box — I liked these), 135# DL (back was tweaked from super tennis serves the past two days so I took it easy), only 1 giant tire (18″)

    actually there was also an 18″ tire on top of 25lb plates (about 3″ extra) which I found I could do, but it was a mental game. I psyched myself out to jump high enough to make it that on jump #2 I came way too close to jumping in the tire hole. Less of a scary mental game without the plates underneath so I switched to the plain big tire on round 2.

    1. also I like the pose Gretchen is striking in the background of this picture.

  4. Rest day, but I’ll be doing some reading. I got “Starting Strength” and Greg Everett’s olympic lifting book for x-mas. 😀

  5. MOD: 7-7-7 Shoulder Press
    55#, 55# (2), 50#

    WOD: 19:47
    4 Rounds
    Run 400 Meters
    20 SDHP (35#)
    20 Push Press (35#)

    Drew (the trainer) wanted everyone to try to finish in under 20 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised to accomplish this considering the whole running thing, which is not my thing. And I didn’t come in last! Probably could have gone a little higher in weight. But again… running… scaredy cat… bonk.

  6. 15:44 RX + 20# Vest

    1. what’s with the vest?

      1. constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements

  7. 16:10 (sub 800 m row)

  8. 19:51, 25# kb and Fran yelling, no, encouraging! me all the way…thank you!

  9. 21 something
    first round: run 800, 20# rt, 15# gs
    second and third round: row 800, 15# rt and gs

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