21 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Overhead Squat

  1. Kyle,
    I was telling you about the shoes I bought but didn’t know the heel height. It’s 3/4″. I’ve posted a link with a “review” of the shoes. Mine should be coming in tomorrow so I’ll make sure to give my personal review after some solid use. I’m very excited.


    1. sounds good. i am probably canceling my rogue order because they have the worst customer service ever and i have no idea when the shoes will arrive

      1. I bought mine from MuscledriverUSA which I think is the parent company of Pendlay. I only ordered one item, but the order was placed around 3pm on Monday and the shoes were dropped at my door by 10:30 Wed morning. Pretty quick turn around if you ask me.

        I just did front squats with them on and I can really feel the difference. My knee collapse issue is all but gone until I get really fatigued. I also can get much more depth without transferring any weight off my heels because of the added ankle flexibility. So far, so good.

  2. Managed a few sets of (ugly) overhead squats, but adding weight really hurts my wrists (tendinitis). Sub’d snatch and back squats instead. Will work on wrist flexibility.

    OHS: 45,45,45

    hang power snatch 5X3: 50,50,55,60,60

    back squat 5-5-3-3-3 @ 115

    I know, I know, too much volume. It’s my last day at this gym, anyway 😛

  3. OHS: 65(2), 55, 55, 60, 65

    PR of 34 double-unders without a miss.

    clean 1-1-1-1-1
    135, 145, 150, 155, 165(f)

    Now, a few days of rest and we’ll see y’all on Monday.

  4. Just confirming the gym’s open for class tomorrow / Thursday morning.

  5. Or I could read the last line of Tim’s post. Happy new years guys.

    1. We’re actually out of town and won’t be back until Monday. I don’t know if the gym has special hours or not, though.

  6. OH Squats 45, 45, 50, 55, 60
    Turkish getups were fun as can be, even though Fran made fun of me the whole time.

    1. Was Fran the one you were holding over your head as you were trying to get up? I might have paid top dollar to see that!

  7. WOD: 13:46

    50 Air Squats – 30 Double Unders – 30 Situps
    40 Air Squats – 30 Double Unders – 30 Situps
    30 Air Squats – 30 Double Unders – 30 Situps
    20 Air Squats – 30 Double Unders – 30 Situps
    10 Air Squats – 30 Double Unders – 30 Situps

    Subbed double singles for DUs ( I couldn’t make the rope cooperate to even get ONE double under today). I did, however, get whip marks up and down my arms to show for it. I’m gonna claim equipment malfunction on this one since I have actually done full DU WODs in the past, Rx’d even. Or maybe it was the yelling, um I mean encouraging, that was missing?!

  8. 45-45-45-45-50 OHS
    15# TGUs

  9. 133×2/143/153/163 FS instead of OHS
    25# (SMF)TGU

  10. 67-77-87-92-92 OHS
    35# TGUs

  11. OHS: 67, 72, 82, 67, 67
    TGU: 25#
    max set pullups: 32, PR by 12!

  12. WOD 1: 3 rounds (17 min. cut-off*): run 400m, row 500m, 25 ABMAT situps
    *at least half the people in the gym did not meet the cut-off time. My running was slow but I still made it, so go me.

    WOD 2: get large bathtub and pour in epsom salts, peppermint bath salts, bubbles, almost uncomfortably hot water. Add body. Soak. Ahhhhhhh.

  13. 111, 121, 126, 131, 136

  14. OHS 45, 50, 67, 72, 72

    Turkish: 20#

  15. 89-99-111-115(2)-111

    (first time doing OH squats since injury.. felt pretty good!)

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