10 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: AMRAP

  1. 21-15-9 OH squats (115/75), C2B PUs (cut-off 10 min.)
    6:41 (?), 25# (WAY too light, with med ball behind me, had to touch butt to ball every squat), green + red band (only the actual C2B PUs counted and someone was there watching on every pull. Oy.).

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. WOD: 12:20
    Psyching myself up to run backwards: 2 hours

    400m run forward
    400m run backwards
    400m side shuffle
    400m skipping

    As great as it’s been to work out at a different box with some really nice people, there’s no place like home. Crossfit Charlottesville is truly the best – members and trainers alike. The spirit of comaraderie and encouragement is unmatched! Happy New Year everyone!

  3. 5 Rnds Rx

  4. 4 plus pullups and 4 dips (10kgs overhead, jumping pullups, assisted dips)

    the jump rope today was doing a great job imitating a whip!

  5. 4 rnds Rx – first time mu’s in a WOD

  6. 5 rounds + 3 MU Rx

  7. 4 rounds + 5 pull-ups
    First set was Rx (first time MUs in a WOD), then subbed ring pull-ups/dips

  8. 4 rds + pu/rd + 18 lunges (subbed PU/RD for MU)

  9. at the beach:
    3 rounds
    -800m run
    -10 pushups
    -15 burpees
    -20 air squats

    silly me. i should have packed a kettlebell or med ball.

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