11 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Happy New Year, Jackie

  1. aww I like Jackie!!! Maybe I’ll do this at the Open Gym here in Tucson (I’m bringing my parents! Hahah).

    1. http://journal.crossfit.com/2009/12/crossfit-worksthe-ding-series.tpl#featureArticleTitle My Tucson box is featured in the Crossfit Journal! I actually know Jen, Carl, and Steve (just worked out with Steve today, in fact).

  2. Jackie-10:42 I was mentally and physically weak!

    1. i just found my notes on when I tried this one at the globo on 8/18, about 6 weeks before i joined.

      before: Row 1K 4:01, thrusters sets of 20/15/15, pull-ups in 4 sets
      11:55 (doesn’t include the leisurely walk from the rowers to the weights)

      after: Row 1K 4:07, thrusters sets of 27/13/10, pull-ups 25/5

  3. 11:03 (35#, green band — pull-ups are still my bane). However I did get a new PR on my rowing 1k for this at 4:09.

    Today was an open gym here, too, and I somehow convinced both my parents to come by. They did shoulder presses, jumped rope, rowed, and some kettlebell swings (which my mom really liked). My dad couldn’t do any kind of pullup (guess it’s genetic), but my mom could with a green strap (she didn’t want to try the blue). Afterwards she signed both herself and my dad up for their 12 on-ramp classes starting Monday!

  4. at the beach:
    4 rounds
    -400m run
    -20 pushups
    -30 situps
    -40 shoulder presses of 1 cubic feet of wood

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