24 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Rowing Nancy

  1. Nice work morning class way to battle!!!!

  2. 17:25 – subbed x30 squats holding a 5kg plate straight out in front for the OHS.

  3. Strength: 5×5 DLs working up to a 5-rep max (progression was 55%, 63%, 70%, 77%, 85%)
    110#, 125#, 140#, 155#, 175#

    WOD: 3 rounds of 1:30 row, 1:30 push up, 1:00 rest
    row: 383m, 370m, 373m
    pushups: 53, 37, 40 (all from knees, though, and I need to break that bad habit because I really should have done them all regular)

    Also, my parents had their first on-ramp class today and I’m so proud of them!!! They’re going to be so sore tomorrow.

    1. congrats to your parents for taking the xfit plunge, very brave of them! keep us updated on their progress!

      Can’t wait for today’s WOD…no heat in the office and need something to warm me up.

      1. Their Crossfit experience may only last these 12 on-ramp classes, but for now they are really pushing themselves and surprised at their abilities so far. Also the classes are at 6am and yet they made it to the first one (and dragged me along even though I didn’t work out until 7am).

        Rowing is a good way to warmup (trust me, there’s no heat in our gym!).
        See you all in ONE WEEK. Can’t wait to get back.

  4. 14:14 (10x35lbs OHS)

    1. BALY’S BACK!

  5. 15:30, 20#s.

  6. 14:48 – 20#

    1. 400/500s – ?, 2:04, 2:05, 2:06, ?

    1. What did you say your 5K row time was? I rowed 18:48 yesterday. It sucked…a lot.

      We’ll see how much I have in the tank tomorrow on my second go around.

      1. 19:36. Dude that is awesome.

      2. I think I ruined myself with it though. Earlier on Sunday I rowed a 9min Time Trial wearing a 20lb weight vest (sucks to breath with that thing on) and then did that 5K in the evening. This morning I tried a 10x250m interval row and after my warm up I decided against it. My knees hurt and my legs were jello. Lets hope it comes back by tomorrow.

  7. 15:50 89# FS

  8. 14:20? maybe 14:30 humm….

    Been too long since I was at crossfit… bad form! need to get back up to speed 🙂

  9. 15:55, 15# (definitely more weight next time)

  10. 16:25, 15# for 18 reps, then dropped to bamboo for the rest

    Not my most “Lance” moment. I blame it on Landon for not cheering me on enough. JK 🙂

  11. 45#, had 5 OHS left to do when time ran out.

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