23 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: On-Ramp Day 2 & Renegade Man Makers + Situps

  1. Renegade Man Makers, a.k.a. burpees from hell. This oughta be fun! Points for style?

  2. Strength: Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 (working up to 5-rep max, progressions of 55%, 63%, 70%, 77%, 85%) — 75#, 80#, 90#, 100#, 110# (I thought my 1-rep max was 130# but I guess it’s more because 5 reps at 110# was too easy).

    WOD: 3 rounds of 8 C2B PUs, 8 squat cleans (125/95), 8 burpees
    Used green+red bands for C2B PUs and 60# squat cleans, all of which was just too easy. I underestimated myself today.
    Time: 6:28

  3. Second 5K row in 48hrs. 18:42. Beat my time from Sunday by 6 sec.

    Here’s to hoping one of the games events is a 5K row. I might stand a chance and not get completely dominated by some of the beasts that are showing up.

    1. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. No ideas! But nice job on that rowing! And with such short recovery time, too!

      1. Ohh don’t worry. I have no idea what the Workouts will actually be. I’m just hoping. With my luck, Kyle will make a DU/Thruster workout (my two least favorite movements). There won’t be a row or pull-up to be found. haha.

      2. *ahem*
        5 rds.
        21 Thrusters, 75#
        21 DUS


      3. Btw, this is old mainsite I pulled up. It was good one.

        Attack your weakness!!!

  4. 27, stopped at rnd 2, 10#s.

  5. This looks awesome! Sorry I missed it. See you in the AM.

  6. 27:20 – 15# on the first round, but 10# on all the rest.

    Dare I say this was actually kinda fun?!

  7. 25:07, 10#, and I agree that this was strangely fun

  8. very fun! 23:34 Rx

  9. 26:44 Rx’d
    Kept losing count & second guessing the rep I was actually on. It was a grinder but fun.

  10. 20:03 rx’d

  11. 28:52 @ #25 suck fest

  12. On Ramp #2: 5:41
    Row 500m: 1:50

  13. ON RAMP DAY #2- 6:27

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