23 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: On Ramp Day 4 & Diane

  1. 9:41 221#
    15-10-5 DL
    21-10-5 HSPU
    …after, learned how to get into the handstand the right way

  2. 6:33 111#, box handstand pushups

    Kyle says go heavier next time. Okie, dokie.

    1. Nice work Joelle!!!

    2. Plus you’ve almost got kipping pull-ups!

  3. 4:51 used 2 ab matts for hspu. Should have used 1.

  4. 8:35
    155# deadlift
    used 3 abmats for the HSPU

  5. “Diane” – 5:59
    135# DL, HSPUs NFROM – 2 abmats and 1 5# plate which is about 1.25”. The HSPUs were actually a little too easy with the plate (I flew through the last 9), but way too hard without. I think I can only do about 3 in a row with just 2 abmats.

    Also worked on pullups. Did 11 unbroken with the green band (PR!) but can still only do one with the blue (sadness). Tried kipping with the blue and they were super easy and felt really good, so I tried them with the red band. Worked great! Went to try with the purple but something twinged in my shoulder so I stopped.

  6. Gretchen Kittelberger January 9, 2010 — 3:24 pm

    5:54 (1:43#)

    and CFT: 265# DL
    94# SP
    199# BS

  7. Gretchen Kittelberger January 9, 2010 — 3:24 pm

    5:54 (143#)

    and CFT: 265# DL
    94# SP
    199# BS

    1. Sweet!!!

  8. on ramp was the toughest one yet. maybe because i had my makeup class on Friday night, and maybe those pancakes for breakfast (though I did eat some apples too) drug me down. but darn if i don’t feel good now!

    i’m digging CrossFit – nice to feel vitality returning.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying yourself, even if it’s tough (hard work pays off, just ask anyone at the gym). I mentioned it quickly today, but I’m having a ton of fun working with all of you. The class dynamic is awesome and I’m excited to see that everyone is having fun getting fit. Enjoy the weekend and see you on Tues!

    2. Yay, Erik! Keep up the good work!

  9. Tabatha squats AM – 8rnds

    Fran PM – 10:00 RX

  10. Sunday morning run with Kyle and Gretchen

    1+ mile O-Hill run with 20lb weight vest- As rx’d 8:30

    Between the steep hill, extra weight and bitterly cold air I don’t know what the worst part was.

    1. it was awful.

    2. Back in the day I jogged O’hill a bunch. But not with a weight vest. I sure am keeping company with a bunch of crazies lately! Though I think running in the cold air had to be the worst, yuck.

      However, I did take a mid-afternoon brisk 25 walk around my neighborhood today. Ah, vitality!

  11. My legs don’t work.

    1. On Ramp #4: 7:17

  12. On Ramp #4: 7:25

  13. ON RAMP DAY # 4 – 7:19

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