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Hey everyone. I just wanted to give you the heads up we’re thinking about changing our class schedule. We’ve had very few people show up to the morning and lunch classes, so we spend a lot of time waiting around for people and most of the times no one comes.  One option is to require registration, but we still want more than one person to be showing up to the classes. If we need to be earlier in the morning, let us know.  Comments, questions?

7 thoughts on “Class Schedules

  1. Hopefully you won’t have to cancel any of the morning classes. Maybe there would be a way for people going that morning to let a trainer know we’re on the way (comment on website, text, tweet, etc) so that the trainer will know at least one person will be there. It won’t help help your situation where only one person shows up for class, but you’ll know at least one will make it.

    Would a class a little bit later in the morning help? I know if it was a 7 instead of 6:30 I’d probably make a few more mornings.

    If there’s something the morning folks can do to help let us know. For me, I don’t go in the morning cause I like it (I hate mornings), but it’s usually the only time I can make it.

    1. shared google calendar and let people sign up for morning classes in advance?

      1. I was thinking it would be easier to just leave a comment on that day’s post.

  2. if a few hours notice is enough. i dont know what kind of schedules people have. maybe some people would just want to put themselves down for MWF every morning of the month for example (and this would encourage others to choose those days and get a group), and then not have to go on the website the night before and look for the next day’s WOD

  3. As someone who regularly teaches the morning class I just want to make sure it’s clear that running the class is not the issue (as long as I can get some coffee in my system). We just want to make sure if a trainer drives over to the gym we at least have someone to train. I simple comment in either that days workout or the previous one if the new one isn’t posted will really suffice. Even a verbal thing to the trainer who is showing up (usually Kyle, Landon, Dave, Fran or I) that you’ll be there is cool.

    We want to keep the system simple, yet effective.

    1. a cup of coffee and some yelling ALWAYS get my morning headed in the right direction!!!

  4. I am probably going to be more of an AM guy when I move into town but that being said it does not have to be 6am.

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