Wednesday Workout: Jerk Practice & Tailpipe!

Bergener Warmup w/ Weighted Bar

Jerk Practice

I want all of you to practice the jerk and landing in proper form with full lockouts overhead and as deep as you can go maintaining proper form. We will work with weights, but this is a skill day, so keep them light.

WOD: Tailpipe

3 Rounds with a Partner of

P1: 250m Row  (each person rows 750m)
P2: Hold 2 x Kettlebells (45# / 35#) or Sandbag in Rack Hold

Video has R Rated Language


18 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Jerk Practice & Tailpipe!

  1. Is anyone else planning on going in the morning?

    1. Matt, we’re still running the normal schedule, so feel free to go whenever you want. I’ll let everyone know if we make any changes or require registration.

  2. 6:37 with Matt (I held 35lbs kettlebells instead of the 45lbs). That was fun. Kinda.

  3. 5:54 RX with Ope

  4. 6:57 Rx with Lauren

    Although, Ben did assist us in getting the 2nd kettlebell up to rack position. And Lauren had to hold the first round about 20 seconds longer while waiting for everyone else to get set up. Go Lauren, bonus points!

    250/500s – 1:48, 1:49, 1:51

    1. yes that was fun! 🙂
      We could get one up! just not the second…

  5. Paige and Hillary! 7:52 @ 25#s. Woot.

  6. 5:50 Rx by myself.

  7. 6:56 w/ Diane (45#/25#)

    1. sorry did it again…dianA

  8. 6:30ish w/ Me, Myself & I
    subbed the KB Rack for a static hold on the rings. Kyle upped the ante by adding an addition 5 sec. on the static hold each time I came off the rings. Did fairly well until the last rd.

    I had an interesting reaction b/c of the static hold sub, nothing major but I would be interested if a few adventurous crossfitters would also try this and let me know how it goes.

    1. Let’s see… hold up 70# worth of kettlebells or hold up my body weight on the rings? Apparently, I’m an unadventurous CrossFitter.

      1. I dunno, the KBs were torture.

  9. 6:24 with Seth. Seth Rx’d, I did 35#/25#/35#. Thanks, Dave and Kyle, for holding those 35s up for me to use for that last round.

    1. It’s good to be back here!!!

  10. Me and Ben King rocked this:

    6:11 RX

    1. we did indeed fran, and it rocked us right back.

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