22 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Heavy Thrusters and Toes to Bar

  1. Hmmm….I’m pretty sure no part of me will get to bar. Is there a sub for the sub 🙂

    1. Diana, I do knees to chest. One day I’ll rock it like the big girls, but Thursday is not that day.

      1. Thanks Joelle & Nate. I’ll do my best!

  2. The Knees to Elbows that we have done before is what we’re looking for. As long as you can get to a pull-up bar, hang and get those knees as high as you can. Don’t be afraid to cut reps as well. 100 K2E will leave your midsection (and hands) mighty sore.



    Lots of good scaling in this demo video

  3. Thrusters: 77, 82, 89, 89, 94
    50 toes to bar, 50 K2E, and 2 really sore hands.

  4. Thrusters – 111×2, 116×3
    100 toes to bar

  5. Hey all,

    I’ve got a copy of all the 2009 CrossFit Games events in 720p mp4 video. They were posted on the CrossFit Journal over Xmas time. It’s 19 Gig total (5 DVDs). I could maybe make a couple of copies and leave them at the gym for people to borrow if anyone is interested. Hillary and I really enjoyed them.

  6. 111×3, 116×2

  7. A little inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGCHDUJtkts (triple his body weight!!!). Of course, I made terrified screeching noises while watching.

  8. 5 x 67#

    70 static knees to chest
    30 kipping knees to elbows

    Nate, thanks for the tip on using the kip momentum to get my knees to my elbows. It made the last 30 easier then the first 70. Go figure!

  9. 45 x3, 45,45,45,45
    50 attempts of moving my knees any distance to my elbows

  10. On Ramp #9: 6:32

  11. 99, 104, 104, 111, 116.
    The toes to bar/knees to elbows was a wreck. Made it through 75 (40 TTB & 35 KNE) then had to leave.

  12. some subs to baby my pobrecito arms:
    5×5 front squats: 67-89-99-104-89 (focus on elbows UP)

    50 GHD situps, 50 GHD back extensions

  13. Excellent work today everybody!
    Quite a few people who were not versed with thrusters knocked it out of the park and if you missed the social afterwards – it was a good time.

    It was nice to formally meet all of the On-Ramp people, keep up the hard work!

  14. On-ramp #9: 7:06 (3 rounds of 400m rows & 15 pushups.)

  15. On-ramp # 9: 7:40 (3 rounds – 400 m rows & 15 push-ups)

  16. On Ramp: 6:58 *whew* rowing is a workout!

  17. Endurance WOD

    3 1000M rows with 2min break

    3:31 – 3:37 – 3:38

    1. Opps that was Wednesday

      Thursday was brutal

      Power Cleans 5×3

      30 – 20 – 10

      Walking lunges with 45lb overhead
      burpees – MY FAVORITE

      1. Forgot time 8:27

  18. On Ramp #9: 400m Rows & Pushups x3. 6:13. I’m finally getting the rowing technique-ish.

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