30 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Thrusters, Pullups, Burpees

  1. AJ Rocks!

    (test post to see if my gravatar image appears)

  2. 36 – air squats holding 10 kilo plate
    8:30 (round 1 CTB, round 2 1/2 pull up, 1/2 jumping, round 3, jumping pull ups)

  3. 12 thrusters rx
    8:29 CTB & kipping pullups

  4. For all members- I’m just curious. Will we be sore forever? Does it ever go away or should we just learn to live with the soreness?

    1. I think some of our more recent members can talk about this, but there will be a 4 to 8 week adjustment period where your body adapts. Remember you get stronger, faster, better from rest and recovery, so a few things to think about to manage DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and get proper recovery:

      Post Workout Nutrition – Get Glucose into your system within 30 minutes of working out (sweet potato, yams).

      Overal Nutrition – http://crossfitcharlottesville.com/2010/01/04/nutrition-resources-and-summary/

      Stretching & Myofascial & Self Massage – These things stimulate bloodflow, release tight muscles and improve mobility. Do it in front of the TV every night. Work on those muscles that you just used in the workout immediately after.

      Ice – Icing sore muscles helps your recover. Fill a bunch of little solo cups with water, freeze and peel. 5 to 10 minutes of ice massage is really helpful. They very brave do ice baths.

      Careful about NSAIDs – I am not a doctor, but you can do your own research. NSAIDs can interrupt your body’s healing process. If the pain is unbearable, definitely take some. http://sanfranciscocrossfit.blogspot.com/2009/06/get-off-ibuprofen-peoples.html

      Sleep – Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep in a DARK room.

      Stress – Find a way to Relax. Elevated stress levels increase cortisol which does a bunch of bad stuff to your body like weight gain, interrupted healing, etc.

      Epsom Salt Bath followed by a cold cold shower – My personal favorite. Epsom salts are helpful at reducing muscle soreness, encourage blood flow and are said to flush toxins from your system.

    2. In short: yes. As long as you keep pushing yourself, you will be sore forever (not all over, though, and not every day). It only means you’re always getting stronger 😀 But DO stretch before AND after every workout (something too many people neglect).

    3. Yeah I think that soreness is pretty much part of it forever but it should be a mild to moderate level of soreness not extreme.
      I have had two WOD’s that left me extremly sore but I think it was good b/c it made me really aware of what the level of scaling I need. I usually now find that I am always a little sore but not terrible. I wish I had better advice as to how to figure out that level of when to push and when to scale a bit. I think if you find that you become super sore after a WOD, though I know you may not want to it may be best to rest and day or two extra then get back to it. Your body will need that time to heal and adapt.

    4. much like everyone else has said, yes and no. as you get stronger/more conditioned for crossfit, you’ll notice that things that used to crush you can be done with relative ease, but you will also be able to bring a lot more intensity to workouts than you did in the past which might make you more sore than you would expect. in general, self-care (rest, nutrition, stretch, etc. detailed by kyle) and listening to your body and not your ego are the best prevention from constant soreness…i suck at both those things and probably hurt more because of it! 🙂

    5. Kyle said: “Epsom Salt Bath followed by a cold cold shower – My personal favorite. Epsom salts are helpful at reducing muscle soreness, encourage blood flow and are said to flush toxins from your system.”

      Epsom salts supply magnesium through the skin. A person could also take a magnesium supplement for muscle cramps. Magnesium citrate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium malate, but not magnesium oxide (bioavailability issue). Not too much because it is a laxative, though.

  5. Thrusters: 20 kg, 15
    WOD: jumping pull-ups- 12:41

  6. Thanks for the advice peeps.

  7. Won’t be at CF tonight, but will do enough knees to elbows to make up for the guilt.

    Swam 750 yards at lunch, but not for time, just for fun.

  8. 21 thrusters @115#
    7:43 — including the thrusters…is that how we were supposed to time it?

  9. Damn! I messed up again!.
    Every day when I look at the workout I´m very confused because I just woke up so I did:

    21-15-9 Thrusters 60#(plates and weight of the bar)
    21-16-9 Burpees
    21-15-9 pullups
    I´m going to pay more attention next time, because I´l regret it tomorrow hahaha, take care everybodie.

  10. 15 Thrusters, 6:50 RX

  11. 14 thrusters 85# 7:45 jpu

  12. 35 24kg kettlebell swings, 7:04 (c2b PUs, jumping air squats)

    Thanks for the sub exercises, Kyle.

  13. 16 thrusters, 6:26 Rx

  14. 17 thrusters at 72#

  15. (12) 30#, 10:42, blue band

  16. 16 thrusters (89#), 10:25 with strict c2b PUs.

  17. 12 thrusters, 9:40 (Rx#, green band C2B PUs)

  18. 16 thrusters @ 57#
    10:13, reg strict pullups and last 9 were jumping, boo.

  19. 12 45# thrusters
    10:14 w/blue band pullups

  20. 10 Thrusters at #67
    6:16, blue band c2b pull ups

  21. 9 thrusters (67#), 6:30 w/jumping pullups (thanks, Diana, for encouraging me to be smart!)

  22. Gretchen Kittelberger January 25, 2010 — 9:47 pm

    6 rounds of row 400m, run 400m

  23. 17 Thrusters @111
    9:47 Rx

  24. 17 thrusters @ #88

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