16 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: “Joby”

  1. Ha ha! I’m honored, this one is tough…

  2. Lauren and I were unaware that this morning’s class seems to have been cancelled, and we are sad now because we were looking forward to this workout (especially with our respective schedules for the day being so otherwise sedentary). Could it be possible for a trainer to make a special early afternoon appearance for us today at, say, 3 (that is the time both she and I can make it in otherwise)? If not… then we’ll just have to do this one another time.

    1. I will take care of the both of you. See you soon!

  3. 13:10 @ 47# (close to the right weight, but maybe should have done 50#)

  4. 12:24, 72# FS and 2 abmats +5kilo plate for the HSPUs

    Thank you so much for accommodating us!

    1. I was more than happy to come to the rescue. Plus I told you 72# was the right choice (ignore the fact that I couldn’t add the weight on Lauren’s bar).

      1. I would have been quite happy with just 67#, thank you. So would my legs. (But yes, you were right, 72# was probably perfect.)

  5. 14:15. 111 for the squats, 1 ab mat for 1/2, 2 ab mats for second half.

  6. 13:02, 45#s, box

  7. 13:3?, 50#, box pushups

  8. 13:03, 99#, 12-8-5 max rep strict pull-ups in lieu of HSPUs

  9. 11:42 (111#, sub 40-30-20 pushups for HSPU)

  10. 12:57 – 110 for front squats, one abpad for hpu’s

  11. 12:13 (two abmat’s and 5kg plate for HSPU)

    Thank you Nate for helping us out! Greatly appreciated! 🙂

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