43 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Final SuperFit WOD

  1. Will there be a time limit? I can see myself taking up a whole half an hour to complete this.

    1. scale the double unders

  2. 13:42 rx as in the games with 5 @111#…wow…humbled

  3. Unless I scale my double unders, I could be there all night. I’ll need to channel my inner Joby.

    1. why don’t we work on your double unders before/after? We need to stop the stomping action!

      1. Good idea! Although, I hope it doesn’t mess with my tribal war stomping dance form that I’ve perfected.

  4. Oh, look at that droopy belly = pushup fail!

    Anyway, what’s the (female) rx weight for the snatches? I’m excited for this one, it has so many of my favorite things.

    1. heavy enough where you can do a few consecutive reps

  5. 14:52 @ #89

    Hats off to the SuperFit winners…not only did they do 3 WODs beforehand, they finished faster than me with heavier snatches…CRAZY. For all of you anxious about this one…I think the double unders are what get you…so keep your grip/forearm relaxed.

  6. I think i figured out the reason I suck at double unders is because I’m actually doing triples with limited success

    1. Yes you deff have the speed for triples but we gotta get you a nice tempo for your DUs.

  7. Did you happen to find a pair of black snow boots left behind on Saturday?

    1. Yes. They are still at the gym.

  8. This will be my first WOD as an official member. I am arriving at 5:45pm and wonder if a current female member ( Elizabeth, Joelle, Lydia?) would be okie helping me out to make sure I do this right without my training wheels? Thanks 🙂

    1. I’ll be there at 5. I’m not your best bet for assistance with double unders with my two ton feet. But I’m happy to do what I can to get you through it. Don’t worry — you’re well prepared after your on-ramp sequence. Training wheels off, you’re ready to ride!

  9. To my fellow crossfit ladies, may I ask for your assistance tonight as this will be my first WOD without the training wheels on so-to-speak. I’m a little nervous. I will be joining the 6pm group tonight! yay

    1. Aw Melly I’d normally be so so excited to help, but I’m actually going at noon today. TOMORROW night, however, is a different story 😉

    2. I’ll be in at ~5:30 and would love to help you out when you get there!! Uh, I’m the one in the w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l picture above, if you don’t recall me. 🙂

    3. Melly, I’ll be there tomorrow! We can muddle through together. I will also need the support.

    4. PS. You’ll have to let me know how the box jumps are. We never got to that in our On-Ramp class.

    5. Aw, I’m taking today off. But most days I’m around at 6.

  10. 12:05. 30 DU, 32″ box jumps, 25 lbs snatches. Scaled too much. Lesson learned.

  11. First real WoD!

    15:27, scaled to 100 really lame single unders, 25# snatches. 24″ box jumps (that was a bit too high)

    Melly – you got nothing to be nervous about. It was a fun WoD. Jumping rope, for me, needs tons more practice.

  12. 13:35 as rx’d @ 111#

    This WOD was tough. Box jumps were the bottleneck and I succumbed to my mind telling me to take longer breaks than necessary when I broke up the DU’s.

  13. 11:47 with 10 pushups instead of snatches.

  14. 13:04 100 SU, 18″, 25lbs

  15. 15:06, 18″ box and 20# snatches.

    The scaling on this was tough to judge. In retrospect, I should have used the 24″ box but scaled the reps in half (18″ was just way too short and putting plates on the box scares me), and the 20# was too light for snatches but 25# too heavy… too bad there’s not a 22# dumbell or something like that. DUs were nice, though, got 41 consecutive during the first 50 which is a new PR.

    1. So you Rx’d the double unders? You’re uber awesome!

      1. Yes. It was the box jumps that were worrying me the most, really, which was silly.

  16. 14:34 Rx @ 111#

  17. 17:22, 10 strugglin’ du’s, 18″, 20#s

  18. 25:58 – scaled to 20 DU’s, 20″ (box+plate), 15#

    Had to scale to 10 DU’s on the last round. I was almost getting the hang of it, but after 20+ minutes I needed to finish before it was time for the next class to start! Thank you, Fran, for spending so much time helping me get lighter on my feet. I WILL get there one day!

  19. 16:12 (25 du’s, 32″ box, 30# db)

  20. 15:09

    rx’d box and dus, 20# snatches which were too light

    That was great, yay for jumping around, metcon wods!

    1. you kicked butt!
      and agreed, maybe a little heavier on the weight!

  21. 30″ box and 45# 1-arm kb swings (each side) subbed for snatches. 13:31.

    Getting lasik tomorrow, so I won’t be in for the next few days, at least. The upshot is that when I come back I shouldn’t have to deal with pesky glasses anymore–guess I’ll need to change my avatar. 🙂

    1. Good luck. Although I’m sure at this point you can’t read this. I remember what it was like just living with my roommate when he had PRK. Not fun.

  22. 8:53 – 50 singles, 12″ box, 12# snatches
    can up everything next time, but first real WOD!

    1. I like your picture Bethany! Same sentiment, but I’m glad they let us scale it to take the nerves away. 7:29 – 3 rounds of 100 single unders, 20 box jumps and 10 single arm snatches w/ 10lbs.

  23. This one kicked my butt! but I actually did it as prescribed and full double Under’s
    first for everything

    20:06 (#20)

  24. 17:38 Rx – 25# – would rather do barbell next time

  25. 17:55 20 double unders, 20″ box, 12# snatches.

  26. First WOD! 10:43…100 SU, 12″ box, 5lb snatch (really wanted to use 10lb, but I can’t seem to stop using my arms!)

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