Thursday Workout: Karen

Todd Edmunds (winner of the SuperFit games) from R.A.W. Training installs the Stud Bar Pullup for his baby. Yes, his family is that hardcore.

More pictures of the SuperFit Games from Nick Strocchia.

That’s Alvaro from CrossFit Lorton.

2nd Place Finisher, Nicole Gordon from CrossFit Hampton does double unders.

WOD: Karen

150 Wallballs for Time

33 Comments on “Thursday Workout: Karen

  1. Karen? Are you sure that’s not Cryin’? Dear god.

    The hardest thing about CrossFit is … *counting*.

    • Ha. Yes, I constantly lose count…who knew even that would be so hard. Need to add it to the list of things to work on.

  2. No weights were posted above, so here’s the scaling according to crossfit brand x

    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d to 10’ target

    Women 14# Ball

    The Porch:
    100 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball to 10’ target

    Women 14# Ball

    150 Wallball shots, 14 pound ball to 10’ target

    Women 10” ball

    100 Wallball shots, 10 pound ball to 8’ target

    Women 6-8” ball

    50 Wallball shots, 4-6 pound ball to 8’ target

  3. 8:03 14#

    That was a special kind of torture this morning, and that was before the WOD even started. Thanks Landon.

    • Wait, were you doing wallballs with a dumbbell? That sounds like a recipe for a broken face. I’d probably give you a funny look myself … from a safe distance 🙂

    • Having to do WODs in a College gym means several things. Weird looks from Skull-Crushing dude-brahs. Having to incorporate, “Dodging herds of skull-crushing dude-brahs” into every WOD. As well as motivation in knowing I will never be a skull-crushing dude-brah thanks to crossfit.

      I also should have specified **15# dumbell Thrusters** wall-dumbells doesn’t have the same effect, only broken bones.

  4. Thanks Tim for scaling info. So It’s ok to do the “Puppies” version what do you think Kyle?

  5. 8:20 rx

    My body still hates me from Sat. I’m glad the storm will force me to take a good 4 days rest. Plenty of sleep and Mucinex for me.

    • I’m taking a full week brotha. Mon. thru 1/2 Wed. I felt like I was severely hungover. Had trouble assimilating thoughts to words to sentences but I do find it interesting that both you and I both are having sinus issues .

      • Ya I really needed more time off, but I’m quite stubborn. I basically went through the motions this week. I might have given 85% total. After every workout my chest has felt horrible. The best way to describe it is that it is like I went for a 5 mile run in the super cold. That crazy burning heavy chest you get from something like that is how I feel. I’m going to enjoy my rest days and be ready to go at this strength cycle hard next week.

  6. “Karen”
    150 20# wall balls at 10″ foot target


    C2 Rower
    40 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 5 rounds. All out Efforts.

    941 meters

  7. 7:20, 6# (wanted to practice the motion – managed not to hit myself in the face once, a vast improvement)

    • Wish I was so lucky. Hit myself square on the head and rolled down my back. Bonus points for style, though.

  8. 8:49 @10#

    Really excited for the new weight programming involving the ring skill work, since I am still waiting for that day I can get a static hold.

  9. 10:04, 6#… legs are now jelly. How will I get to my wine? I guess the bottle will have to stay right by my side:-)

  10. 12-9-5 DL (177#) and thrusters (67#) then 30 wall ball

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