33 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Karen

  1. Karen? Are you sure that’s not Cryin’? Dear god.

    The hardest thing about CrossFit is … *counting*.

    1. Ha. Yes, I constantly lose count…who knew even that would be so hard. Need to add it to the list of things to work on.

  2. aka “Pain … for time”

  3. No weights were posted above, so here’s the scaling according to crossfit brand x

    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d to 10’ target

    Women 14# Ball

    The Porch:
    100 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball to 10’ target

    Women 14# Ball

    150 Wallball shots, 14 pound ball to 10’ target

    Women 10” ball

    100 Wallball shots, 10 pound ball to 8’ target

    Women 6-8” ball

    50 Wallball shots, 4-6 pound ball to 8’ target

  4. 7:06 RX

    Nice work this am G!!

  5. 8:03 14#

    That was a special kind of torture this morning, and that was before the WOD even started. Thanks Landon.

  6. I can’t wait. This will be my last WOD til tuesday. I’m psyched.

  7. 9:31 w/ 15# Dumbells

    1. how many weird looks did you get?

    2. Wait, were you doing wallballs with a dumbbell? That sounds like a recipe for a broken face. I’d probably give you a funny look myself … from a safe distance 🙂

      1. thrusters is the sub if you cant throw a ball

    3. Having to do WODs in a College gym means several things. Weird looks from Skull-Crushing dude-brahs. Having to incorporate, “Dodging herds of skull-crushing dude-brahs” into every WOD. As well as motivation in knowing I will never be a skull-crushing dude-brah thanks to crossfit.

      I also should have specified **15# dumbell Thrusters** wall-dumbells doesn’t have the same effect, only broken bones.

  8. Thanks Tim for scaling info. So It’s ok to do the “Puppies” version what do you think Kyle?

  9. 8:20 rx

    My body still hates me from Sat. I’m glad the storm will force me to take a good 4 days rest. Plenty of sleep and Mucinex for me.

    1. I’m taking a full week brotha. Mon. thru 1/2 Wed. I felt like I was severely hungover. Had trouble assimilating thoughts to words to sentences but I do find it interesting that both you and I both are having sinus issues .

      1. Ya I really needed more time off, but I’m quite stubborn. I basically went through the motions this week. I might have given 85% total. After every workout my chest has felt horrible. The best way to describe it is that it is like I went for a 5 mile run in the super cold. That crazy burning heavy chest you get from something like that is how I feel. I’m going to enjoy my rest days and be ready to go at this strength cycle hard next week.

  10. “Karen”
    150 20# wall balls at 10″ foot target


    C2 Rower
    40 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 5 rounds. All out Efforts.

    941 meters

  11. did you guys end up with a water bottle that looked like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31%2B-hFCj%2BqL._SS500_.jpg ?

    it had a lemon wedge in it.

    ive lost 3 nalgenes in the last 8 weeks :*(

    1. i didn’t see it.

  12. 10:34 @ 10#s, 100 reps

  13. 9:43 @ 6#…ouch.

  14. 7:20, 6# (wanted to practice the motion – managed not to hit myself in the face once, a vast improvement)

    1. Wish I was so lucky. Hit myself square on the head and rolled down my back. Bonus points for style, though.

  15. 8:23 @ 10#, 150 reps

  16. 8:46 RX – I have 0 will power.

  17. 8:49 @10#

    Really excited for the new weight programming involving the ring skill work, since I am still waiting for that day I can get a static hold.

  18. 10:04, 6#…..my legs are now jelly. How will I get to my wine? I guess the bottle will have to stay right by my side:-)

    1. Don’t move, I’ll bring you some!

  19. Gretchen Kittelberger February 4, 2010 — 9:26 pm

    12-9-5 DL (177#) and thrusters (67#) then 30 wall ball

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