Friday Workout: JT

We are only open at 6:30AM for our regular morning class tomorrow. Remaining Friday and Saturday classes cancelled. The Nutrition Challenge will be postponed until a week from Monday.

The February On-Ramp will start next Saturday.

Monday classes are still tentative; please check back on the site.



  • Handstand push-ups
  • Ring Dips
  • Push-ups

If you are stuck at home, here are the two workouts you can do:

100 Burpees for Time


  • 50 Pushups
  • 100 Situps
  • 200 Squats
  • 100 Situps
  • 50 Pushups

18 thoughts on “Friday Workout: JT

  1. we could also plan to meet at do 100 burpees for time in the SNOW on saturday!

  2. Is the strength cycle also getting pushed back to coincide with the nutrition challenge,
    or is that still starting next week?

    1. we’ll just hit it as soon as we can depending on the weather.

  3. 12:08? (2 abmats +5kilo plate for HSPUs, red band for RDs, and knee PUs)

    Meant to do real pushups but my arms were already shot by the time the first set of pushups began! They’re still shot. Probably will be all day.

  4. Run 12 miles in the snow for time: 2 h

    I am totally in on 100 burpees in the snow, so long as we can call them “snurpees” 🙂

  5. or, “snowpees”

  6. 21:34 1 ab mat for first round HSPU, 2 the rest…

    great WOD cannot wait to feel my shoulders/arms tomm.

    1. ahhh muscle fatigue/failure

  7. 10:19 maybe? 10:30
    (two abmats and a 5kg plate as well)
    lady push up’s 🙂

  8. 7:31 in dorm room w/:
    -HSPU w/ one pillow, (between 2 and 3 abmats)
    -Dips on my desk chair.

    1. Then, 100 burpees for time:

  9. 100 Burpees: 9:09

  10. 100 burpees for pain: 13:47

    several long panting breaks, but i persevered to get all 100. can’t move shoulders now.

  11. Burpees 8:15

    My sun dial ran out of time on the remainder of the workout. Completed but long and painful squat session.

  12. non-burpee WOD– 23:00

    First 50 pushups were real, last 50 were from knees. Arms (and wrists) still pretty tired from JT.

  13. Fri: Shovel driveway, front walk and deck for time
    3 rounds – 45 min, 35, min, 30 min

    Sat: Shovel driveway and front walk for time (forget the deck)
    1 round – 90 mins

    Increased reps and weight on Saturday, hence the bigger time differential.
    Total weight – somewhere near a gazillion tons.

  14. Sun: Row 1,000 m for form
    3×5 push press @65#
    Run 1/2 mile on the treadmill without stopping (Hey, that’s a big deal for the likes of me!)

  15. JT (box hspu, assisted RDs): 9:13

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