Wednesday Workout: Row 2,000 Meters for Time

Buy In – Day 2 Diesel Crew Shoulder Rehab Protocol

2 rounds, 15 reps each, untimed of:

  • DB Cuban Rotations
  • Band External Rotations
  • Band Pull Aparts
  • Band Dislocates
  • Band Presses

Skill Work

  • Burgener Warmup w/ PVC
  • Burgener Warmup w/ Bar


Row 2,000 Meters for Time (compare to 11/12)

Buy Out

Stretch Your Weaknesses for 5 Minutes.

25 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Row 2,000 Meters for Time

  1. 7:06…going the wrong way ohh nooo

  2. 8:18… going the right way. Thanks Landon and Nate for all the yelling at the end. It really helped!!!

    1. almost 30 seconds faster? that’s impressive.

      1. Yep. Admittedly took it a little too easy last time. Paced it pretty good this time thanks to Nate’s recommendation.

      2. Or in proper English… “pretty well”.

      3. Well, after your 6:07 1500m I expect nothing less!!! (Great job, though!)

  3. 7:01 PR by 7 sec

    Sooo sooo close. I’ll get sub-7 next time or die trying

  4. I didn’t get to the box but I did row…9:05 – guess that’s not bad for my first 2000m. (I did get sloppy towards the end tho.)

    1. that’s a great first time, Bethany.

  5. First 2 K- 8:48
    Thanks guys for all the yelling….er….encouragement:-)

  6. 7:57 PR – last time 8/25/09, 8:23

    1. Niiiice. That’s some improvement time, there.

  7. Gretchen Kittelberger February 10, 2010 — 9:43 pm

    3 rnds: 10 DL (187#) 50 DU’s

  8. 8:50, about 9 s faster than last time (meh)

  9. 8:29 – 21 sec pr from 2 months ago

  10. 7:19.4
    My 4 week goal was to do 7:15, but I slowed down too much at the 3/4 mark. I dropped 7.5 seconds in the past 3 months. Hope to drop several more by the next time we do this.

    1. 7:19 is a great time. I’m putting money on a 7:10 next time. Don’t over analyze things. Just PULL!

  11. 7:36 PR by 1 second. heh.

  12. did this on Thursday, but recording here too for x-reference findability.

    my first 2k row: 8:10

  13. Did this one a day late, but 7:32 (also a PR by 1 second). I really should have improved more since November–I wonder if my absolutely terrible diet of late factored into this…

  14. I really want to come in for this, but don’t know if I can. But I’m also afraid that I’ll crash and burn compared to my mid-Paleo PR that I achieved last time. I guess it would really serve as a testament to the power of Paleo!

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