As much as we like working out like a group of sweaty sardines, our membership has grown to the point where we have decided to rent a space that gives us room for growth.

We’re moving into the SuperFit event space and will start moving equipment as early as Saturday.  Warmup: move 200 pounds for time. I’m not joking.

In the words of Ope, “Giddyup”

9 thoughts on “We’re MOOOOOOVING!

  1. Paleo cookies will be on hand for all of Kyle’s little helpers.

  2. Aw, I’ll miss you sweaty sardines. We can play hide and seek in the new space!

    1. what’s gonna happen with the pull-up bars?

      1. the welders will come and help us move those.

  3. Awesome! That space was great, and has wonderful potential. And Paleo cookies are a fabulous incentive, Amy 😀

  4. If you bring cookies, they will come. Count me in!

  5. Bring friends! It’s warmer that way!

  6. I’m very excited to hear this. Congrats! Schedule permitting, I may come by and help for a bit on Saturday.

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