Nutrition Challenge Kick Off Meeting

On Monday, we’re starting the nutrition challenge. As part of this challenge, we’ve asked participants (after they ask their doctor) to eat our strict nutrition recommendations. The goals are to maximize performance and recovery, minimize inflammation, promote well-being and make us feel good about ourselves.

We’ll use this meeting time to do the following:

– Review FitDay
– Review and Calculate the Zone
– Talk about our goals for the first week and subsequent weeks
– Do a case-study walk-through of a member’s diet
– Review Paleo/Primal Nutrition
– Answer Questions

This meeting isn’t required, but if you are doing the nutrition challenge, it should be very helpful for you so you aren’t lost in the dark.

This is free for members and on-rampers and costs $20 for the general public.

Event information is on Facebook.

1 thought on “Nutrition Challenge Kick Off Meeting

  1. I probably can’t make this but I do have a question about drinks. What is acceptable besides water, black coffee and tea? Is gatorade a no go?

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