Charlottesville’s First Olympic Lifting Class!

We’re excited to start offering Charlottesville’s first ever Olympic Lifting class!

What is Olympic Weightlifting?  Put simply, it’s grace and gymnastics under a weighted bar.  It’s a sport that’s unique in it’s ability to develop explosive power and combines strength with technique unlike any other possible movement. The snatch generates more power than any other single lift and is a thing of beauty when executed with proper form. The clean and jerk allows humans to lift more weight from the ground to overhead than any other possible lift; some humans have put over 3x their bodyweight over their head with this lift.


Initially, this class will be taught by Jon Forney and Armando Santiago Pintado, both USA Weightlifting Club Coaches. They will structure and guide these classes independently of the rest of CrossFit Charlottesville programming. Classes will start this weekend depending on how you vote and will be FREE for CrossFit Charlottesville members.  For the public, classes will cost $2o for drop ins or $50 for a month. Depending on popularity, we will offer more classes at different times.

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1 thought on “Charlottesville’s First Olympic Lifting Class!

  1. Awesome!!! I am excited about this!

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