35 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Deadlifts & Annie

  1. I am really bummed but something came up at work and I have to leave Cviile really early tomorrow. Is there any way I can work my DL’s into Thursday or Fridays wod?

  2. 185# DL

    Modified wod:
    250 m row
    50 situps
    250 m row
    40 situps

    1. tuck jumps are a better sub for double unders

  3. 309#

    7:29 Rx PR by 1:43. What a difference the right rope makes. Just got my new Buddy Lee rope. It was a bit long but still made DU’s much easier

    1. Did you do this with feet anchored or just regular sit-ups?

  4. 275#, 6:10 RX, anchored ab mat

  5. 110#, 9:5?, but only 40-30-20-10.
    Counting while doing DUs was really messing me up.

  6. Deadlift 1×5 @ 353#

    Double Unders

    I PR’d in Annie at 7:12 (versus a previous time of 7:40 on 8/28/09). I did the DU’s barefoot so that the pain of the rope hitting my toes would be negative reinforcement to get me to jump higher.

  7. 187 for DL (definitely light), 7:26 for WOD (rx).

    1. 7:26 is a 3:40 improvement.

    2. That was 187? Now I don’t feel so bad because it felt heavier than I thought 165 ought to.

      1. ya 187: 45lb bar + 2 20kgs + 2 10kgs + 2 5lb plates

  8. DL: 104#
    Annie: 14:03 or thereabouts…I love double unders. If I say it enough, maybe it will come true.

  9. DL: 187
    WOD: 6:58 Rx. I haven’t done Annie before, but my 40-30-20-10 time of this same couplet back in October was 7:02, so there’s definitely been an improvement there.

    Postscript: I just so happened to look in the free book basket on the way out of the old space today and noticed a copy of “Final Exit” in there. So if the workouts don’t kill you themselves, you can finish the job on your own afterward–is that it?

  10. Took me a while, but I finished my first WOD Rx: 19:11.
    DL: 94# – can def add more weight next time.

    1. WOO HOO!!!

  11. DL: 182#

    Annie: 7:28 Rx’d
    (PR by 2:58 since Dec. 19… Nate I believe having the right rope helped a bunch, as well! I also got the first 50 unbroken, which is another PR for me. Ian, I *almost* caught up with you.)

    1. Sweet work! I came right home and clipped another inch off my rope and it seems to be right now. I’m slowly learning to not hate DU’s, but it is taking time. Great work on the 50 unbroken! I’m still waiting for that day…

    2. Sweeeeet!!!

    3. Woot!!! That is awesome!

  12. Gretchen Kittelberger February 16, 2010 — 9:28 pm

    Thruster 5-5-5-3-3-3 (94-94-99-104-104-109)

    Annie: 7:07 RX

  13. DL: 160# (I could only go up by 5 pounds or 20 pounds given my choice of plates at home, so I chose 5.)

  14. Deadlift 264#

    7:05rx feet anchored

  15. DL 231:
    WOD: 11:37 Rx

  16. 231#x5

    6:32 Rx’d, Anchored AB-Mat Sit-ups

  17. 82# dl
    16:24 (started from 40)

  18. 143# DL
    8:12 rx’d

    1. When did you start kicking so much ass on double unders?

      1. I’m shooting for at least a minute shaved off of this… mostly because I am just now seeing this comment and it makes me want to kick this work outs butt 🙂

  19. back squats: #148, 5*5

    6:30, non anchored feet, regular situps
    21 seconds behind my PR

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