Olympic Lifting Classes: Saturday @ Noon!

Based on your votes, we’ll be offering Charlottesville’s first olympic lifting classes on Saturdays at Noon.  Classes are free to members, should last about 90 minutes and are taught by USA Weightlifting Club Coaches.  Our first class starts this Saturday.

If you aren’t a member, you can attend this separately from CrossFit classes, but the cost is $20 per class or $50 per month.

12 thoughts on “Olympic Lifting Classes: Saturday @ Noon!

  1. Sign up or just show up?

    1. no sign ups required, unless we have an issue with attendance down the road.

      1. So after these classes will we be as cool as these guys (69kg weight class snatching 140-160kgs!)

  2. you know how badly I want to do oly lifting when I see all these videos?!

    1. No Oly lifting for you! Bad Kyle, bad! (insert dog scolding finger waving)

      Just trust me that once the whole ordeal is over you’ll be stronger than ever. Been there, done that

    2. Ditto, Kyle. (I don’t have quite as long to wait, but I understand the statement)

  3. Are these class going to be lots of skill/form work and heavy lifting? Would doing the 11AM WOD be ok to do before or too much?

    1. Diana — All of these sessions are going to be VERY skill-focused. The first several sessions will only involve PVC or an empty barbell, so you can get away with doing the WOD first. As you progress, you’ll need to start thinking of these O-lifting sessions as your Saturday WOD (we’ll let you know when you’re starting to reach that point).

  4. More than a little bummed I cannot attend these sessions.

  5. I would pay for videos of these sessions…just a thought–

  6. The first class today was great–looking forward to the others. Thanks for the patient instruction, guys.

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