23 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Shoulder Press & Back Squat

  1. BS: 111#
    SP: 55# (so light. But I guess it’s supposed to be for now)

  2. Rest day today, but I have two comments:

    1) Shout out to Elizabeth for her paleo recipes. I made the tumeric chicken last night and it was solid… so solid that I’m eating it all day today at the library. I’ve gotten several compliments on the scent.

    2) For those of us doing the nutrition challenge, are we supposed to be sending the link to our fitday journal anywhere? Sorry if this was covered in the debriefing, but I missed it.

    1. bring it to the gym on monday or tuesday. or email it to me.

    2. yeah chicken!!! Mmm chicken good.

  3. 145# – BS
    40# – dumbell, SP

  4. 121# BS
    82# SP

  5. BS 158#
    SP 104#

  6. BS: 104#
    SP: 50#

    Refused to leave the gym until I got 10 practice DUs in a row. I got 12! Granted, they were single, single, double, but still a PR! I WILL conquer the DU!!!

    1. awesome job! now go back and try to do 100 singles in a row silently 🙂

      1. I either need lots of practice or feather filled shoes to achieve silent feet. But I’m working on it! (The practice, not the shoes.)

  7. 5×5 BS: 141.5#
    4×5 SP: 103#
    1×3 SP: 103#

    Forgot the SP was 5×3 until I missed the last 2 reps of the 5th set.

  8. BS: 170#
    SP: 104#

    Thank you to the 6pm class for enduring the less than ideal conditions. I appreciate the flexibility and understanding

  9. BS: 82#
    SP: 40#

    1. Same as above, but +5 on the SP

  10. BS: 67#
    SP: 40#

  11. Redid BS on Friday AM because I cannot count.

    BS 177#
    SP 89# but I did 5×5 – again cannot count

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