Friday Workout: Power Cleans, Wallballs and Overhead Walking Lunges



3-3-3-3-3 Power Clean (5 to 10# Heavier than last week, 60 seconds rest)


  • 21 Walking Overhead Lunges (45# / 35#)
  • 21 Wallballs (20# / 14#)
  • 15 Lunges
  • 15 Wallballs
  • 9 Lunges
  • 9 Wallballs

Entire workout should be unbroken. Scale weight to appropriate weight.

48 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Power Cleans, Wallballs and Overhead Walking Lunges

  1. What can you do. . . Doctor’s orders.

  2. This add is a fake, but it’s funny.

    1. I guess I can’t post images inline. Here’s the link.

    2. And here‘s a link to a PDF version of the coke “Hitting the Sweet Spot” brochure.

      1. cool thanks for finding that.

      2. I love the calorie burning suggestions. Who vacuums for 24 minutes on a regular basis? Or ever?

  3. coke/ginger ale are great when you’re sick and can’t keep any food down. Jello too. cavemen did not experience illness so they didn’t have to resort to these methods.

    1. I’m sure that there are other things you can keep down besides highly processed, high sugar (read, poisonous), empty calories.

      1. Right, like infection secondary to saber tooth tiger bite.

  4. Drink your water, people! HALF YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN OUNCES. Sorry to be crass, but your urine should be clear.

    1. While I was going through Plebe Summer (basically the Naval Academy’s boot camp) we used to have these hydration charts posted in all bathrooms. If you were a 3 or higher we were told to be downing more water.

      My favorite way to get plenty of water is just keeping my “Kleen Kanteen” attached to my side. I feel like I’m never more than 10ft from that thing at all hours of the day.

      1. I think if you’re a #8 there’s something much more wrong with you than just dehydration! That’s a pretty handy chart, there.

      2. If your an 8, grab some water on the way to the ER.
        Looks like a candidate for rabdomiolisis.

  5. Best advice: “Mix Up Your Hydration Options.”
    Who needs water. . . From now on I will be hydrating with beer, Sparks, and coffee.

    1. Excellent, variety IS important. Beer is 95% water, anyway.

  6. To think I switched from Diet Coke to water assuming it would be healthier. What was I thinking?!! I actually read an article yesterday on the Yahoo home page that said you only had to drink water when you were thirsty. WTF?!! Pardon my French. According to them, I’m overdoing it with my 3 liter a day habit. Funny how it makes me feel better, sleep better and work out better. I guess it must all be in my head.

    1. When cycling we go the theory if you are thirty then you are already dehydrated.

    2. wait wait, so you quit drinking diet coke!? what will 7-11 do without you?

      1. Don’t buy stock in 7-11. I’m sure their sales from this point on will be far below projected levels without my daily shopping spree.

        And yes, thirst is a sign of the first stage of dehydration. It only goes downhill from there. IV fluids anyone?! The sad thing is that people will read that article and assume it’s based on fact.

  7. PC 116#

    WOD 4:18

    redid BS with more weight.

    This morning thing is not so bad afterall.

  8. PC 89#

    WOD 6:11 (20# wall ball, 33lbs lunges)

  9. 5×5 PC@60kg
    3:46 Rx’d

    Excellent work morning class!!!

  10. 50# dumbell PC – 5 sets of 3 on each arm
    WOD w/ 15# dumbell thrusters instead of wallballs ; 4:06

  11. Any advice on working when you are starting to get a cold?

    1. This usually varies person to person depending on how you handle being sick. If your whole body aches and you are running a fever…stay home. If you’re gonna drop all kinds of gross body fluids in the gym (we don’t need snot on the bars!)…stay home.

      Now if you are feeling a little stuffed up but otherwise generally ok, working out is usually alright. Sometimes it helps to flush it from your system.

      Bottom line is, listen to your body. Make sure to get plenty of rest and hydrate! 🙂

  12. I’m an on-ramper/comment lurker/medical student and while I think hydration status is super important for amazing athletes like you guys, I wanted to put a word of caution against over hydration or water intoxication leading to hyponatremia – a rare but possibly lethal electrolyte imbalance. It’s documented mostly in long distance runners and doesn’t usually happen unless you’re drinking way too much water for your kidney’s to handle (>15 L/day), drinking water too fast (>1L/hr), not eating enough protein/sodium, or have an underlying kidney problem. Still, it’s a good thing to be on the look out for JIC (just in case ;). Women particularly seem more susceptible to this than men. Symptoms include: headaches, fatigue, confusion, nausea, vomiting, cramps, muscle twitching, and weakness eventually leading to cerebral and pulmonary edema, coma, and death.

    The latest guidelines I heard for hydration are to drink 1-1.5ml/kcal consumed.

    Here are two pretty good articles on the subject. E-mail me if you want the PDF versions,
    Grandjean A, Reimers K, Buyckx M. Hydration: Issues for the 21st Century. Nutrition Reviews. August 2003;61(8):261

    Speedy D, Noakes T, Schneider C. Exercise-associated hyponatremia: A review. Emergency Medicine. March 2001;13(1):17

    Oh and on the whole coke thing – that is redic. I can’t believe a doctor would display such blatant propaganda. I’m attempting to break my own diet mt dew/fresca addiction, three days down!

    1. Good call Teri! Glad you brought this up. Water chugging contests are certainly not encouraged. I’ve heard of a few frat boys that died from a hazing event where they chugged massive amounts of water. Just stupid.

  13. PC: 67# (first timer)

    WoD: 4:52 (10# wall balls, 10kg lunges)

    (Thanks Landon for working me out despite me spacing the gym was closed at noon!)

  14. PC# 67
    Wod: lunges- first 21 at 10 kgs and then then 15 and 9 at 5 kgs
    Wall Balls 6#

  15. PC: 155#

    WOD: 3:13 rx

  16. 57# power cleans, 6:23 WOD w/10 lbs

  17. 133 x 5, no lunges for me

  18. PC: 87#

    WOD: 4:47 Rx (well, 15kilo for the walking lunges but close enough?)

  19. PC: 72#
    WOD: 4:38 Rx

  20. PC: 116#
    WOD: 3:28 Rx

  21. pc 99, wod 3:34 rx

  22. PC: 89#
    WOD: 4:46 Rx

  23. PC: 67#
    WOD: 4:01, 10kg overhead squats, 10# wall ball

    1. Er, I meant weighted lunges, not overhead squats.

  24. Gretchen Kittelberger February 19, 2010 — 9:52 pm

    Thruster 3-3-3-1-1-1 (104-109-111-116-121-121)

    15 C&J’s at 111–> 3:31

  25. No power cleans
    5:26 Rx

  26. PC: 89# WOD: 4:46 Rx

  27. PC 72#

    Said “no thanks” to that quad-blasting wod, got a LSD run on Saturday

  28. PC: 77#, Wall balls @ 20# , Lunges @ 15kg plate. Fun.

    1. 4:43 for WOD. forgot to put time up…

  29. PC: 15 # bar ( can put weight on next time)
    Wall Ball 10# Lunges 10# plate = 4:59

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