44 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Backsquat & Weighted Ring Dips

  1. bs: 109#
    dips: 15#

    DU: 149 (I got 134 last time I did Rhiannon)

    1. That’s awesome G! I hope to follow in your footsteps this evening.

      1. Thanks. I have no doubt that you will.

    2. Awesome job on the double unders!

    3. Very impressive improvement!!!

  2. 155# BS
    25# Weighted Dips

  3. 185# BS

    BW dips

    214 DU and not happy about it.

    1. You should be. 214 is nothing to balk at.

      1. I could not get a rhythm going at all. I actually switched ropes for a little bit.

  4. BS: 165#
    Dips: 20×4, 25#
    WOD: 169 DUs

  5. BS: 177#
    RD: 25#

    WOD: 195….I’m seconding Dave’s not happy about it. I was gonna take another stab at it and then Kyle asked me to do a workout with a prospective client. (Kyle promised her 8 T-shirt’s if she beat me)

    5 rds of:
    10 air squats
    10 burpees
    10 box jumps- 24″


    1. So did she get the t-shirts? 😉

      1. Close…but no. She is a personal trainer in town so she has a pretty great fitness base. Kyle should also know better than to bet on me when a workout involves burpees AND box jumps. She did awesome and will be a great addition to the gym.

      2. if she joins. i hope she does!

      3. I hope so too!

  6. 67#s, assisted toe ring dips, 11 du’s. Yes. ELEVEN.

  7. BS: 121#
    RDs: red band (too easy… BUT before it started I got my very first actual ring support hold, and held it for 5, 6 seconds? Somewhere around there. Long enough to yell at Hillary to turn around and watch me. Then I did it again. Couldn’t repeat the third time but I’m okay with that for now).

    DUs: 186

    Okay, I see what Dave and Nate meant about not being happy about this. I was shooting for 200 but during the last minute seemed to have forgotten how to do a double under.

  8. 121# BS. 5 regular ring dips w/o assist, at least one unassisted ring dip for the rest of the rounds, minus the last. on toes for the remainder.

    29 DU’s. Sobering. kinda funny, but more not funny than funny.

    1. Why are you working out drunk?

      1. I think he meant it as a ‘sobering experience’ (i.e. wake up call).

      2. Why are you yelling at me? 🙂

  9. BS: 132
    RD: 1 x 10, 2 x 15, 2 x 20

    DU: 136

  10. BS 155 x 5

    15lbs RD

  11. In Asheville, NC on business. 6:30am did a 5 mile run. 6:30pm hit CrossFit Asheville. Results of their WoD here: http://www.crossfitasheville.com/2010/02/22/100222-monday-beginnings/comment-page-1/#comment-1975

  12. BS: 111#

    Red band ring dips.

    43 half-nekkid DUs. Funny how much concentration you lose when half your arse is hanging out. Maybe if I jumped softer my pants wouldn’t fall down. Although, still not sure if DUs would improve without the wardrobe malfunction. Thanks for having my back, Gretchen. Literally!

  13. BS: 148#
    RD: 25# (though last set was broken)
    DU: 265 (PR of 67 unbroken DUs tonight)

    1. I bow at your feet, good sir.

  14. BS: 58kg (~128#)
    Dips: 2.5kg 5-5-5-5-4
    DU: 214

    1. That last set of ring dips was more like 4.899999999

  15. BS: 89# … which I’m thrilled with after 36 mi this weekend. Yay for fast recovery.

    Dips: 1st rd rx, other rds had to touch once or twice/dip

    DUs: 196

  16. BS: 77#
    RD: red band
    DU: 73

  17. 69# bs
    red band rd
    47 du

  18. I didn’t do the WOD, but I did do this:
    500m row – 1:38
    3 rounds of
    300 m row
    5 kte
    10 push press

    Also, I tried the ring dips, and they were much harder than I expected!

  19. I didn’t do the WOD, but I did do this:
    500m row – 1:38
    3 rounds of
    300 m row
    5 kte
    10 push press

    Also, I tried the ring dips, and they were much harder than I expected!

    1. magical math gnome? Amazo.

  20. BS: 89#
    RD: 4×5 with single red band, 1×5 with doubled band.
    DUs: 106

  21. Subbed bulgarian split squats: #50
    RD: red band
    DUs: 69. Next time I need to keep my hands closer in.

  22. 158×5 for BS
    10×5 for RD
    DU: 192. Did 55 in minute 4 – I should bottle that one.

  23. 157*5 (you too Jason)

    WOD: 255 du’s. Congrats Aaron on the DU mastery!

    Shoulder/elbow rehab day 1:
    #15 db retractions/protractions 3 rds * 20 reps
    posterior capsule stretch, 3 rds 15 reps
    #5 tricep kick back 3 rds 20 reps

  24. BS: 77#
    RD: on toes no weight
    DU: 20

  25. BS: 147.5#

    218 reps

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