Wednesday Workout: Rowing and Sandbag Ladder


500m row

Rest 5 min

Sandbag clean ladder drill (go until you drop):

First minute: 10 sandbag cleans

Second minute:  11 sandbag cleans

Third minute:  12 sandbag cleans

Post 500m split and final number of number of minutes completed for sandbag cleans

Pullup bars are being finished today…we apologize for the delay and mess!

36 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Rowing and Sandbag Ladder

    1. Nice picture cue ball.

      1. I think Dave was trying to post this: [youtube=]

      2. Thank you.

      3. that is pretty cool. I wish I was like that at 5…

      4. Fran, who are you kidding? You’re like that now and probably were since you were 5. You do know I taught that kid everything he knows… 😉

  1. 500m: 1:56

    Sandbag cleans: 22 rounds (so… 13 minutes?) at 32# (we really need a 38# bag or something like that!)

  2. 500 row – 1:35

    65# 15 rounds and just 1 short of 16

  3. 500M row: 1:42.8 (PR)

    WOD: 10, 11, 12 – 58#….13-17 subbed 24″ box jumps. 8 minutes completed

    1. what happened at round 12 dude? Sounds like your wod ended right there.

      1. forearms sore from yesterdays kipping pullups didnt want to overdo it

  4. Who will be available to review the FitDay nutrition challenge print-outs today @ 6pm ?

    1. email it to me

  5. Row 500: 1:36.1
    Sandbags: 15 rounds at 52#

    1. Great rowing split AJ! You’re going to give Dave J. a run for his money!

      1. Thanks. I made the bad decision of sitting on one of those red mats for cushioning. I was way too wobbly; I won’t do it again for such a short distance.

  6. Row: 1:28.4

    Sandbags: through rd of 14 @ 65#

    Ugghh. I was dead before starting the sandbags. “Nate rowing fast”= “Nate getting ready to meet pukey”

    1. whoa on the row! Glad you didn’t actually meet pukey this time.

    2. Damn, you’re inhuman!

  7. I haven’t done sandbags yet…so, so scared. I’m still sore from my wimpy performance yesterday! Haha glad I haven’t had too much to eat this afternoon 😉

  8. Row 1:53.9
    Sandbags: #42- through round of 18

  9. Hadn’t posted since pot-luck Paleo night… still up as Joelle’s name!! oopps!!!
    trying again…

    Row: 1:53.9
    Sandbags: #42- round 18

  10. This is the REAL Joelle:

    Row: 1:45 (PR)
    WOD: No sandbag hickies for me tonight. GHD work instead.

  11. 2:02 row, 23 rmds @ 24#s

  12. 2:04 row, 16 @ 22#.

  13. Row: 1:56
    Sandbags: 25 rounds at 24#

    1. B-dizzle good job! email me ( to talk FOOD!

  14. 500m= 2:05

    5 minutes or 14 rounds @ 28 lbs but terrible form; hopefully better next time

    BTW this starts my 30 count down to sunny Mexico!!!!This may be obnoxious but I will likely mention it daily;-) I am very very very excited!

  15. Lower back prevented me from pushing it super hard. 1:48 500m row, 16 rounds @ 32#. i’ll get ’em next time.

  16. 1:37.7 500m row (PR)
    WOD: 17 @ 52#. I know I could have done better on that.

  17. 1:42 500m row
    WOD: 14 rds @ 52

  18. Row 500M; 2:13 Sandbag Latter- 21 @ 24# ( yeaaaaa baby)

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