18 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: OH Squats, Pullups, Double Unders

  1. 8:54, 35# ohs, jpu’s, 75 su’s

  2. 13:59, 95# front squats, strict chin-ups

  3. 13:31 95# FS, kipping (sorta)!!

  4. 9:55 67# OHS, JPU’s, 75 SU’s

  5. 13:15. Just using the 45 lb bar for the front squats.

  6. 17:?? (35# OHS/red band pullups) should have done more weight on squats and more assistance on pullups

  7. 10:01, 45#/blue band PUs

    big fan of the split jerk

    1. Me too! (re: loving split jerks) That was a great session.

      My “wod” was run too far for time and miss the first 1/2 hour of the oly class 🙂

    2. Unhappy that I had to skip out on the oly class today on the advice of my physical therapist. Hopefully only a couple more weeks until I can start working back into overhead lifts/presses.

  8. I didn’t do the WOD today but there are only 25 more days between me and warm weather in Mexico!!!!

    1. ah I forgot to ask you about the details today! I wan to live vicariously through you.

  9. Missed the WOD this morning. So I timed myself on 50 double unders at 3:13. Not bad considering for the 5 minute DU WOD I only got 43. Still have a long, long way to go.

  10. I hope I don’t miss the next Clean & Jerk related class. I think that lift is quickly becoming my favorite.

  11. 8:46 as rx’d

  12. 18:35 – 45# OHS, 1st 6 blue band (poor, poor decision), remainder green band.

  13. 9:23- OHS ( 15# BAR 2.5# plates = ?) I cannot add KG’s!!! Green band P/U single D/U-75 each round.

  14. 13:52 – 15# OHS, 19 blue band pull ups then switched to double blue band for the rest, 30 double unders each round.

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