37 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Back Squats, Ring Pushups, Turkish Getups

  1. Turkish Getups?

  2. bs: 124#
    pu: 24″+2 plates (double unders in-between each round)

    getups – 25lbs nice and slow

  3. hey everyone, this is not a met-con day, so please don’t try to make it one.

    1. does this count as a met-con?

      Travel WOD:
      run 2.5 mi to In N Out (27 min)
      eat 2 doubles, 2 fries, 2 cokes (not for time)
      run 2.5 mi back (28 min)

      hope to do 7pm if anyone wants a mr. crankypants

      1. oh boy. how about mr crappy pants? šŸ™‚

  4. WOD:

    stand up for longer than 30 minutes. 10 rounds. RX

  5. 121# BS
    15# TGU

  6. 121# BS
    20# TGU

  7. 192# BS
    45# TGUx2, 35#x8
    Ring HSPUx3, 24″box x2

    Thanks again to AJ for being willing to “hold my feet”. You are the man. I’m just glad there are no photos or videos.

    1. Yeah, well I just closed my eyes and let you do your thing.

      ….That doesn’t sound quite right….

      1. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

        I blame Kyle for even suggesting such a move be performed

  8. BS 57#

    Scaled ring pushups with knees on floor- five rounds of three

    10# TGU

    23 days to sun and margaritas (paleo style- fresh lime, tequila, and club soda) delicious!

  9. BS: 95# in a smith machine (boo)
    5×5 pushups off a bench
    @9000 feet…winded climbing stairs.

    1. oh that’s awesome. go find a box near you!

  10. BS: 165 in a smith machine (I concur with the boo)
    5×5 pushups on parallettes off of an 18″ box

    sleeping through talks: 6 rounds x 30 minutes.

  11. BS 150. 24 inch box. 20lbs TGU.

  12. Joelle Boissenin March 1, 2010 — 8:03 pm

    121# BS
    15# TGUs – too light

    Liked the ring push-ups. Wait, did I say that?!

  13. 142# BS
    24″+2, +3, 3x +4
    30# TGU

  14. 155# BS
    Ring Pushups with weight vest: +20#, +30#, +40#, +40# & 1 plate x2
    Subbed 45# kb cleans (2x 10 reps each arm) for TGUs

  15. 177# BS, Ring push upswith 42″ boxes

  16. BS: 154#
    Ring Push-Ups: 24″ Box, then kept adding 20KG plates – moved the box closer to create an incline
    TGU: 40#

  17. BS: 131#
    Ring Pushups not quite FROM (but too easy from knees, even with added reps)
    20# TGUs

  18. Hey, I told a couple of people I’d post the link for the recipe for the cookies I brought in tonight. I shamelessly stole this link from Amy in the paleo food thread. I made all 3 kinds and I think the banana nut were my personal fav!


    Another delicious paleo friendly (and super easy!) desert – no bake sugar, dairy, and gluten free apple pie. I’ve made it for gluten sensitive friends a couple times before and it’s always a big hit.


    1. Thanks Teri, curious how do you melt coconut oil? I thought it was already in melted form. Never used this ingredient.

    2. Oooh I’ve been trying to find/think up an apple or berry crumble that is (strict) Paleo but this raw apple ‘pie’ looks amazing!

  19. 145# BS, 20# TGU’s, 24″ box Ring Pushups 5×5… Very fun. Best my shoulders have felt in over 10 years. Psyched.

  20. BS: 94#
    Ring push-ups from the box
    TGU: 15#

  21. BS: 100#
    5×5 Ring push-ups from knees
    TGU: 20#

  22. BS: 5×5 @ 374#

    Ring Push-ups:
    1 round on 24 inch box
    1 round on 24 inch box + 1 plate
    1 round on 24 inch box + 3 plates
    2 rounds on 24 inch box + 5 plates

    10 53# TGUs

    8x 2min On, 1 min Off
    4138 m

    3 min wall sit

  23. 82# back squats, 15#s for the tgu’s.

  24. 3 x 103/ 2 x 108# BS

    20# TGUs

  25. BS: 89#
    Ring P/u: on Knees 4×5
    Turkish Torture: 15#

  26. 111# BS
    Ring push ups from the box
    15 # DBell for TGU’s

    And got another pull up in… we will see if I can do it again in front of everyone?! no promises

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