Wednesday Workout: Clock Climbing

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3 Rounds, 10 Reps of:

  • Incline DB Retraction
  • Prone “Y’s”
  • Prone Internal Rotations


With a continuously running clock do one pushup the first minute, two knees to elbows the second minute, 3 pushups the third minute, 4 K2Es the fourth minute, etc. until you fail. Record your score as number of minutes completed.

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Practice Muscle Up Progression

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Clock Climbing

  1. 15 rounds (14 k2e of round 16)

  2. 17 rounds + 13/18 K2E

  3. 17 rounds even

  4. Joelle Boissenin March 3, 2010 — 8:39 pm

    19 rounds + 14 K2E
    And I think I could have kept going if I didn’t tear a nice chunk of skin off my hand on K2E #14. Dag nabbit! Still fun, though.

    1. next time we’re checking for the pine tar on your palms

      1. Joelle Boissenin March 3, 2010 — 9:54 pm

        I don’t need no stinkin’ pine tar! Besides, I’ve heard that a woman with torn callouses on her hands is uber sexy.

  5. 19 rounds, 19 KTES, Grip Strength, Grip Strength & Grip Strength

  6. 22 rounds
    (then did 23rd round on knees + 15ish/24 K2Es)

  7. 19rds + 14 K2E’s. I should have massive forearms in no time

    Sweet work Joelle. You rock.

  8. 11 rounds 11 knee-elbows – hands off floor on each pushup.

  9. 19 rounds, worm pushups towards the end. Oops.

  10. 18 rounds – leg raises, hands off the floor during pushups.

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