Upcoming On Ramp, Beer Run Social and Cow, Pig, Milk Shares

New On Ramp Starts March 29th.

We are hosting a new on-ramp starting on March 29th.  If you are at all interested in CrossFit Charlottesville, this is our intro class designed to get you up to speed so you can join our regular programming. Check our facebook event page for more details.

Beer Run Social This Thursday @ 7:30PM!

We’ve got a lot of people new to the gym either in On Ramp right now or just graduated. We’re hosting a Beer Run social on Thursday @ 7:30PM where you can mingle and follow our gym rule of “introducing yourself to everyone.” More details on Facebook. Please RSVP.

Animal Product Shares – SURVEY!

Hey everyone, Dave J’s been bugging me about putting together food shares for the gym.  There are plenty of produce options out there and frankly our proximity to C-Ville Market gives me no desire to do anything with produce.

But, it’s really hard to find decently priced naturally raised meats and I know a lot of people would probably be interested in doing some shares. If anyone has any ideas of farms to contact, let me know. Please put questions/concerns in the comments and I’ll do the research.  Just do this quick survey if you are interested.

13 thoughts on “Upcoming On Ramp, Beer Run Social and Cow, Pig, Milk Shares

  1. question 1 – what makes this milk worth the 3-4 fold price premium?

    1. if you like cats, avoid slide 86.

      1. when you tell me not to look at something, that means I HAVE to look at it.

      2. The cats right before they’re dissected are much more disgusting, as you can still identify that they’re cats. I still have horrors from seeing that in high school.

  2. Very excited about the beef/pork shares potential. D and I have been talking about doing this for awhile. Has the potential to save quite a bit of money in the long run on the grocery bill, while still getting quality meat.

    Thanks for doing the research!

  3. Redinger’s already sounds like a real supermarket

  4. A pig is about 100 pounds of meat, so 10 pounds is probably adequate way to break it up. We probably are going to make the minimum on a cow about 50 pounds because we’re talking about 800 pounds of meat and there is now way we are going to be able to divy it up in 10 pound increments.

    1. That probably counts us out; our freezer isn’t all that big.

      1. 50lbs/person?! I haven’t eaten that much beef in a year since before 2002! Whoa…

    2. I’m still down for it, but cut me out for the pork.

  5. Are you looking at a half or whole cow? Wolfcreek farms is less than $5 per pound if you get a whole cow butchered.

    Milk shares are too pricey (they’re only $5/gallon in Pennsylvania for raw)…what’s up with Virginia? seriously.

    Lynchburg-based sausserfarms.com is opening a stand at the former Rivals Bar on Rio East. REALLY competitive prices for CSA. Plus their stand will have chemical free deli meats and fresh milk…hopefully that means non-homogenized.

  6. Kyle, just took a look at this post and we have 3 things we would like you to consider.
    1. Watch Food Inc.
    2. Check out Polyface Farms for quality meats. http://www.polyfacefarms.com/story.aspx
    3. Support your local farmer’s market for quality produce!

    Hope this helps.

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