18 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Sandbag Run, Burpees, Front Squats

  1. This WOD looks so disgusting that I’m looking forward to it. 100 burpees for time is bad enough. But, adding sandbag hill runs is sadistic. Going to have to embrace the suck on this one.

    1. I so wish I could do this one.

  2. Denial is a powerful thing. i’m there.

  3. 19:32 Rx
    Super brutal, especially with the having to double back on the first run due to a mad barking dog chasing me back up the steps. That’ll wake you up in the morning!


    1. Mad barking dog…good motivation?? Yikes!

      1. we try to mimic the paleolithic era as best as we can, and unfortunately, rabid sabertooth tigers weren’t available for this morning’s “dodge wild beast” challenge

      2. And by “dodge wild beast” he means shriek and immediately run back up the stairs away from the dog with the absurdly long leash. AJ did dodge it successfully, however.

  4. 18:37 as rx’d

  5. 3 mile run warm-up

    19:00, Rx

  6. 17:09 , Rx

  7. 11:15, 3 rounds @ 52#

  8. 15:26 Rx

  9. 15:43 rx’d

    That was fun, except the burpee part.

  10. 20:51. Rude workout. had to sub 20 extra front squats for burpees in the last 2 rounds. R shoulder disagreed with the burpees. fun, though…

  11. 17:43 rx
    I spent plenty of time kissing the floor; seemed like the only time when it was easy to breathe.

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