50 thoughts on “Suggestions for Painting Our Garage Door

  1. just as long as that “loud” color is hot pink 😀

    1. Actually can I just vote AGAINST any slogan involving nudity? It kind of goes against the ‘no egos’ motto, and though an added benefit of Crossfit it’s probably not why the majority of us are there.

    2. can we just paint a giant sized Amy’s avatar on the door?

      1. I second this idea.

  2. I don’t think stuff like “we are fitness” and especially “our warmup your workout” are sending the right message. OWYW is also pretty much at direct odds with “no egos” isn’t it?

  3. unless we say “no EGGO’s”…which is kind of true, right?

    1. I actually like this idea a lot. If nothing else it will draw a TON of hits to the site and might get people in the door after they visit online

      1. even though there’s already a huge sign right by the garage door with the name of the gym?

      2. Ya. Will the average person driving by know what crossfit is or that it is even a gym? Would the average person the the sign and go home to google what Crossfit Charlottesville is? We don’t look like a gym from the outside even with a sign out there. My personal thought is that by putting the website out there people will go home and type it into their browser. Even if there is another slogan on the door I still think it’s a good idea to put the website on the door somewhere.

    2. dude nice!!! i love it

    1. I really like this

      1. might be a bit inside-jokey though. good for a t-shirt!

      2. when people join they’ll ask “so are you the guy on the door?”

        if you use it in any form make sure google searches for Fran 2:16 come here

  4. I am strongly opposed to anything cocky or boastful.
    I am also somewhat opposed to inspirational drivel.

    How about something friendly like: “Welcome”
    Or a solemn reminder of our own mortal fragility: “Mors ultima ratio” (death is the final accounting)
    Or something thoughtful, like Ben would say: “Fitness is a journey”

  5. I agree that we shouldn’t tout looking good naked. The whole point is to focus on performance over aesthetics.

    I like Forney’s comments, but the the latin is a bit mordid and academic for average passerby. I don’t have any brilliant ideas but three did come to mind:

    1) Get Fit in Here (a play on the Continental Divide’s slogan/sign)
    2) Get Fit. Have Fun. Make Friends. (friendly in the Forney mold)
    3) Choose fitness, not fads (admittedly a bit pretentious)

    1. I love “Get Fit in Here”!

    2. I’m very much onboard with the no touting being naked. Personally I’ve never been a fan of being boastful slogans either. I like the general idea of “Get Fit in Here” but wonder if there might be another “better” (in my mind) option. Ideas?

  6. “Looking Good Naked”

    Not bad. I don’t think it’s as cocky as some of the other choices.

    “Proof is in the Garage”

    I like this. I often say proof is in the pudding. Not too catchy though.

    Eh. “Our Warm-Up Your Workout”

    I’ve always felt this applies to the Crossfit Standard Warm-Up on the main-site:


    “Finish Strong”

    I like it but I think it’s taken.

    “We Are Fitness”

    Pretty cocky but not too bad.

    “Look Better Naked”

    See top.

    “Landon Squats Funny”

    This places Landon in situation where everyone is dissecting his squat for no reason besides the sign. And he doesn’t squat funny…he just makes a funny face while doing it.

    “Never Quit”

    Not terrible but I think we can do better.

    “No Egos”

    I like this. It is the first rule of the gym after all.

    “Ego Free”

    I like the former better.

    1. I know no one will go for this and it’s taken because I’ve seen the t-shirt but I like:

      “You will pass out before you die.”

  7. Jenn and I were just talking and she made a good point that it might be a good idea to use the door slogan to promote the fact that all of our training is personalized and trainer lead. Besides the fact that Crossfit just works aren’t the small trainer led classes one of the main reasons we all love being at the gym? (I know I’m gonna miss the group aspect once I leave).

    A few possible ideas that can be modified/improved on:

    “Personalized Functional Fitness”
    “Small Classes. Big Results.”
    “Creating Function Fitness, one client at a time”
    etc, etc.

    1. “Small classes. Big results.” is catchy and to the point. Pretty much sums it up!

    2. I really like “Small Classes, Big Results”

      And I also agree about avoiding slogans that are cocky or shallow. I dislike the “our warmup is your workout” slogan, it’s pretentious. Also, its not true. Who does those pig-walk things as their workout??

      And, “Looking good naked” might lead one to question what exactly we’re doing in there when the garage door is closed …

      1. “Small Classes, Big Results” favorite.

  8. Joelle Boissenin March 17, 2010 — 10:54 pm

    How about “Fitness at its finest”?

  9. “A garage for human power”

  10. good brainstorming! I like the Never Quit idea, because it ties in with the Always Finish the WOD credo. I like Forney’s/Ben’s Fitness is a Journey, maybe add a Start Here? Or something along map-like themes, like those old parchment ones where the Europeans were still exploring the New World. Could provide cool visuals that might draw attention! I know some artists who would probably work free for the attention the work would get.

  11. Have blue-green water to right, a new golden or parchment continent to left inscribed with CrossFit, then the slogan Explore Fitness Here (X to mark spot, or too pirate-y?). Then web site across the bottom of the map.

    Or Landon Squats Funny.

  12. Definitely need to go inspirational -vs- in your face on this one. When people read the door we will not be there as it will be rolled up while we are there.

    “Get the most out of life”

    “Enjoy life again”

    I also liked Nate’s

    “Small classes, Big results”

  13. Hey I posted this on the poll comments, but this is probably the better place:

    One cool idea if your garage door is facing a street or busy walkway:

    Write in big, bold letters What is fitness? on the door. It invites curious people to want to know the answer. You could add in parentheses or small letters, “look inside” or something similar, but the stark What is fitness? would have a big impact IMHO.

    Other options that fit the question format:

    – Are you crossfit?
    – Can you handle it?

    Definitely put the url on the door somewhere! crossfitcharlottesville.com

    1. I dig the idea of having some sort of question be the big, attention getting phrase.

      What is fitness?

      then put in smaller letters Justin’s suggestion:

      Today’s workout at crossfitcharlottesville.com

      You get people thinking and give them the solution, all in one.

  14. Lots of good points all around. Here are some critiquesI have thus far:

    – I don’t think putting a website address is necessary in this age. If you can’t google a business name and get the first hit, you probably aren’t on the web anyway. Now, a phone number would be more important.

    – On the Small Classes, what if we have class sizes that increase? We’ll add trainers, but I’m all about getting more sweaty bodies in the gym.

    – I don’t think the best marketing slogans really describe your specific value add, they encompass your philosophy as a whole. Think about these:

    Apple: Think Different.
    BP: Beyond Petroleum.
    KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good.
    Audi: Never Follow.
    Citi: Live Richly.
    Da Beers: A Diamond is Forever.
    FedEx: the World On Time.
    Harley: American by Birth, Rebel by Choice.
    Nike: Just Do It.
    Outback: No Rules, Just Right
    Gatorade: Is it in you?
    Staples: That was easy.
    Volvo: For Life


    Here are some more ideas:

    No Pain, No Gain
    Real Fitness.
    Die Later.
    Death, Later.
    Beyond Pain.
    We Create Humans.
    Human Potential?
    Wild Humans

    1. Ok I’m really not disagreeing just for the sake of argument and I’m giving these critiques from the angle of a new client.

      -I still stand by my statement that a web address would be a good idea. In fact it should have been on the sign. I think it should go above the door now so even when the door is open people can still use it. NO ONE uses the phone anymore! Who sees a phone number, remembers it and goes home to get more info? No one. However, if someone sees a web address they will go to the site. It is a non-confrontational way to gather more information. I stand by this idea 100%.

      -I’m still for a more motivational, even toned slogan. I think putting something “hardcore” just isn’t sending the right message. The simple fact of it is we are not a gym of fire-breathers. (there is nothing wrong with this. If I offended anyone, sorry. I know I’m no fire-breather and I’m ok with it.) We have one legitimate Games competitor in Gretchen. The rest of us are average people with above average fitness. We do Crossfit because it makes our lives better, not because we enjoy torture.

      Ultimately none of this is my decision, but I think that a nice, inviting message will be more likely to get people in the door rather than something aggressive that might make the average person think, “Wow, those people are crazy. I could never do that.” Crossfit is for everyone. I think the message should stay that way. Just my two cents.

      1. So … “Crossfit is for everyone”?

    2. Instead of just putting the URL, I suggested “Today’s workout is at crossfitcharlottesville.com” This could interest people to go there and see what exactly is going on right now. And why is today’s workout any different from any other day? Plus “today’s workout” is a subliminal message that CrossFit is current. There’s a sign on the downtown mall that says “www.boxerjam.com”. So I went to the website. If it had just said “Boxerjam” i wouldn’t have remembered it.

    3. also, isn’t the bread and butter client of any successful gym middle-aged people who want to get in better shape after decades of neglect? i think they’re past looking good naked…and have not developed the instinct to seek out websites unless they’re given an easy to remember URL.

  15. How about:

    You. Stonger.

    Be Strong

    Get Fit

    Strength is our game

    Gain Strength

    Be Better

    Whole Body

    Enjoy Strength


    (I kind of could keep going, but I’m not sure how qualified I am to giving you suggestions!!)

    1. I like them all but might favor replacing fitness for strength/strong since fitness is more than just strength. All great ideas!

    2. I really really really really like:
      You. Stronger.

      I don’t think that “Death” or “Die” should be on the door.

      1. Agreed that death and/or pain may not send the best message. Advertising the place as EXTREME!!!! might drive more people away than it attracts, e.g. I agree w/Nate.

        “We make humans” seems … open to several interpretations. Involving cyborgs or insemination.

        “You. Stronger” is an excellent idea IMO.

      2. How about “You. Stronger” followed by “Today’s workout is at crossfitcharlottesville.com” written underneath it?

  16. How about “Just keep breathing” or “Virginia is for Lifters”

    1. Nice!!!!

  17. What is the essence of crossfit? What sets it apart from other training philosophies?

    The answer is in the equation on Kyle’s portable whiteboard. It’s power output.

    My suggestions are as follows:

    “Be Powerful” This is an adaptation of Gandhi’s admonition to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It is simple and encouraging.

    “Power Lies Within” This is an obvious take on “Salvation lies within” but I think it encapsulates the X-fit philosophy nicely. It has multiple meanings as it could either refer to power being within the gym or within the individual. It is also a deep philosophical truth and thus avoids being one-dimensional.

    A few others:
    “Reclaim Your Power”
    “Reclaim Your Primal Power”
    “Reclaiming Primal Power”
    “Embrace Your Power”
    “Embrace Your Primal Power”
    “Primal Power”
    “The Power to Thrive”

    I must again stress that I think power should be the focus of the slogan as that is the heart of crossfit. You don’t get through a WoD without some serious power output.

    I also think putting the website in smaller text is a good idea as it gives people a lead to follow if they want more info.

    Let me know what you think.

    -John S

  18. wow! Love everyone’s ideas and thoughtfulness!
    ditto to Nate that I believe crossfitcharlottesville.com should be on the door….this particular kind of gym is tied to the website of leaving comments and times, etc…uniquely. The web is part of crossfit or vice versa….(Remember Kyle, that’s how you first got started..)

    I was thinking about

    Whole Fitness

    since it can include the idea of paleo obsession and training both

    Also, gotta keep it the slogan inviting to all types of people…beginners as well as earth movers…

  19. “Today’s workout is at crossfitcharlottesville.com” should definitely be on the door. It is sure to piqué curiosity and get website traffic, which is one of the most effective ways of getting people interested and in the door. I also like the simplicity of “You. Stronger.”

  20. Today’s Fitness is at crossfitcharlottesville.com

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