25 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Power Cleans & Hill Runs

  1. is this the same running we did on Wednesday or do we go all the way to the tracks this time

  2. Looks like it’s the warmup that we did Wednesday, all the way to the tracks.

  3. pc: 67#
    wod: 9:06 (15 blue band/15 jpu)

  4. PC: 89#
    WOD: 9:01 (JPUs)

    1. barking dogs today?

  5. Thankfully no. But, I made sure I was the first one down the stairs, so I could sneak by if he had been there.

    1. I’m glad there was no dog since Cat threatened to kick it. Shame on you Cat! haha

      1. Cats are very defensive when it comes to vicious dogs Nate…

  6. PC: 89#
    WOD: 6:55 Rx

  7. PC: 111#
    WOD: 9:16 RX

  8. 45#
    WOD: 9:31 (Red band)

  9. 77#s, 9:40 jpu’s

  10. PC: 116
    7:33 for WOD – soooooooooo slow on the pullups

    1. but soooooooooooo fast on the running

  11. PCs: 104# (tried 109# and after the first rep decided not to risk it further so went back down)

    WOD: 8:20 (modified PUs to just 5 strict [kipping] ones… the running up hill wasn’t quite as bad as I feared, to be honest)

    Worked on HSPUs and increased ROM from 1abmat+5kilo plate+5# plate up to 1abmat+5# plate

    Got first kipping pullup (as opposed to kipping chinup) today. Getting there!

  12. WOD: 7:22 Rx
    the 2nd uphill run was horrific

  13. PC: 72#
    WOD: `11:14 JPU and Kyle made me repeat 5 Squats b/c I wasn’t going low enough 🙂

  14. Joelle Boissenin March 19, 2010 — 8:34 pm

    PC: 77#
    WOD: 9:30 JPU

    The only reason I got under 10 minutes was because I totally cheated by 50 yards in the warm up run (sorry Kyle) to save my energy for the WOD. Either that, or it’s my new sunshine yellow running shoes.

  15. 99 PC, 8:28 Rx

  16. 12:25 blue band

    running is my Achilles heel.

  17. PC: 67#
    8:46 (3 PUs)

    1. 3 PUs unassisted, baby! Don’t worry, Katie, you’ll get that pullup mojo back in no time and then I’ll be begging you to teach me how you do it so well.

  18. 89#
    10:32 rx

  19. belated post….

    Started day with 1.6 mile run

    PC: 67# (I think)
    WOD: 9:53 (last ten pullups, jumping style)

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