12 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Deadlifts and WOD 4 from VA Sectionals

  1. DL not PC?

    Liking the WOD!

  2. DL: 177#
    WOD: 4 rounds + 12 Box Jumps (24″, 77#) = 276

  3. DL: 138#
    6 rounds + 3 (393 total, 55# pc)

  4. Tug of war sounds awesome, sign me up.

  5. NO DL, 9rnds with 1 Box J = 543 Rx

  6. DL: 209# (3-3-1-1-1-1)
    WOD: 402 Rx

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  7. DL: 243, 402 for wod RX

    1. 402 is an excellent number, Jason. It’s even divisible by 3. Imagine that.

  8. DL: 126
    WOD: 336 @ 55#

  9. Late on this post, but just wanted to say thanks to Crossfit Cville yet again for the hospitality. My wife Alex and I will be joining you full time at some point, hopefully in the fall if everything comes together and lets us move back home from Colorado, and we are looking forward to all of it!

    The new facility is great, and we can’t wait to get in there with you guys on a regular basis and tear it up!

    Just to preface, she is 7 months pregnant and has been Crossfitting for more than a year and a half now, so don’t freak out. We saw the boy doing pullups in the last ultrasound, and he already knows how to kip! She pulled a 200# DL, and knocked out 5 full rounds plus some box jumps.

    I pulled a PR DL of 350#, and got 8 rounds even for a 480 score.

    See you guys in the fall, and I’ll be watching the progress of Gretchen through Regionals and on to the Games, where she belongs!

    The Waldens

    1. Eric, sounds awesome. Congrats on the little koolaid drinker. Sorry I missed you guys. Shoot me an email next time you are in town.

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