Tuesday Workout: Deadlift and WOD 2 PA Sectionals


Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1 (max effort, 90 to 95% of max)


In 10 minutes as many reps as possible of:

500m Run (NOT UP THE HILL)
1-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats (35/26lbs)

Compare scores here.

Note: “Nicole” style scoring, put the kettlebell down at any point and run 200m.

* Bottom of the bell must stay above shoulder for entire squat for rep to count, hip crease below knee for full depth and hips at full extension at the top of the squat.
* Every time the bottom of the kb touches shoulder, head, or falls below the shoulder you must run 200m before returning to the kb and continuing.
* You may change hands as long as the bell does not fall below your shoulder or touch your shoulder or head. Holding with 2 hands overhead is acceptable only when resting or changing hands.
* For the rep to count, the kettlebell must remain in the same hand for the full duration of the squat.

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Deadlift and WOD 2 PA Sectionals

    1. Max Reps.

      There’s a 500 meter burner on GO! (I measured from the garage door to the white sign just beyond the old 400 meter marker (speed bump on Market) that distance is approximately 250 meters. So there and back, then AMRAP one-handed overhead squat until squat is not deep enough (hip crease just below patella) or the KB breaks the plane of the shoulder or touches the shoulder or top of head. That constitutes the end of the round. After that, run from the garage door to between the bench and parking sign on Market – that distance is approximately 100 meters – and back.

      Rinse, repeat for 10 min.

      This one is interesting.

  1. I was a little confused, so I looked at the page where they had this WOD originally to clarify what they meant: it seems that you run 500m once, then start squatting with the penalty for dropping the weight just 200m. Thus, they’re really looking for an AMRAP where the reps are counted from the squats, and the initial run is just to tenderize you.

  2. Deadlift:121#
    WOD: 4RDS ( 33reps)

  3. DL: 199#
    WOD: 4Rds (30,20,20,10)=80 reps

  4. hum… Running?! Thinking I may have to miss again today! try to be there Wednesday~

    1. we can sub something, but it would be a good idea to do some light deadlifts for recovery.

      1. I may make it in then just for something light… my back and knees are a bit achy. But getting them back in motion should be good. see you tonight

  5. 112, right hand only, bike intervals

  6. 309 DL…trying to really make my DL better..
    WOD 133

  7. DL 153, then 143 x 5. WOD lost track, but 4 + rounds and about 70 reps total.

  8. DL: 126, 133, 138, 138
    WOD: 31 + 32 + 28 = 91 @ 20#kb (I liked this one!)

    1. is that because you beat jason? πŸ™‚

      1. lol….maybe.

      2. πŸ™

    2. Joelle Boissenin March 30, 2010 — 7:37 pm

      Lydia, that’s freakin’ awesome!!!

  9. the good – DL: 221/243/265 x 2/286 x 2 (PR tie because I couldn’t add today)
    the bad – WOD: 88 @ 20lbs. my lats HATE me already.

  10. Joelle Boissenin March 30, 2010 — 7:37 pm

    DL: 204 But I was very sad because I thought I had 27 more pounds due to bad kilogram to pound conversion. Jason I feel your pain. Missed my PR by 5#. That just leaves more room for improvement.

    WOD: 20,20,20 @20# Slow and steady wins the race.

    1. was that my fault? what did you have racked?

      1. Joelle Boissenin March 30, 2010 — 8:13 pm

        Made it to 204# but could have gone heavier. Between the two of us, our math skills kinda suck. We need the weight conversion board back up!

    2. Maybe this will help

      40k w 45lb bar = 133
      50k w 45lb bar = 155
      60k w 45lb bar = 177
      70k w 45lb bar = 199
      80k w 45lb bar = 221

      1. I’ll print this out in a giant font and bring it to the gym to post or I’m still going to mess it up trying to convert on the fly!

  11. DL, 265, 265, 275 (new PR), 275, 285 (newer PR!), 285.

    WOD: 3 rounds: 145 total. 75, 45, 25. 25 lbs.

    1. Nice job seth!!! rx next time!

  12. 265, 275, 285, 290, 295, 300
    wod: 118

  13. SP (missed yesterday): 126×3, 133×3

    DL: 309, 319, 324, 329, 331 (all PRs)

    WOD: 133 reps @ 25#

  14. DL: 199, 209, 221, 221, 221 (PR)
    WOD: 110 reps @20# (no running breaks, all 1 round)

  15. DL: 133, 155, 177, 187, 187, 187
    still trying to figure how heavy I should go, getting closer though.

    WOD: I also lost count, but I think it was 3 rounds – 75 reps (34, 20, 21) at 20#

  16. DL: 160#

    WOD: 115 reps w/ 10# but they were ugly. Ran a lot on Saturday so I’ll chalk it up to being in recovery yet.

    1. I feel like what you did on Saturday qualifies as more (and more awesome) than just simply “Ran a lot”.

      1. Heehee, thanks! ~8000 ft of ascent (for time), yea that’ll kill the squats for a few days …

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