Member Testimonial: Dolly

Workout #1, my Crossfit On-Ramp comrades and I muscled our way through a tough workout.  Today, eleven workouts later, we repeated that same workout from day one, and we crushed it.

Workout #1 & #12:

  • Row 200 m
  • 3 rounds of 15-12-9 repetitions of air squats, push-ups, and ring rows
  • Row 200 m

My time during the first workout was 7:12.  Today, I shaved off almost 2 minutes with a 5:21.  Yeah!  Also, in four weeks, I’ve lost one size and most of my winter pudge.

By the way, one night after a workout, three of us did tire lifts and flips–that is one heavy tire, let me tell ya!

If you think Crossfit sounds too intense for new moms, think again.  Two of us in on-ramp were breastfeeding moms…one mom just had a baby three months ago!

Read the full account at Dolly’s Traveling with Baby blog.  Dolly is licensed chiropractor practicing in central Virginia.  By day, she is the President and Director of a health care practice–working with patients of all ages to optimize health and wellness.  Picture is from her website.

2 thoughts on “Member Testimonial: Dolly

  1. Dolly is my chiropractor and she is amazing! I am so glad she decided to join On-Ramp after hearing my crazy enthusiasm during my On-Ramp in January. We love talking about our WOD’s during adjustments. She really has a whole body approach to healing and fitness(not just a couple of snaps and pops)and that is why she is going to make a great addition to the Crossfit community.

  2. I look forward to meeting her and learning…

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