25 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Running and Double Unders

  1. Joelle Boissenin April 1, 2010 — 8:54 pm

    So sad I’m going to miss this WOD. Maybe not. But seriously, I really do have a hair appointment at 6:00. You can even call the salon to check up on me! Good luck to those brave souls who complete this one. I bow to your greatness.

    1. ha my feelings about this WOD could not be any more different from yours. 🙂 enjoy your hair appointment while we suffer on the road!

    2. to me that just means you can come to the 5pm class, get all sweaty, and have your hair washed by someone at t he salon afterwards…sounds like a good plan! This WOD should finish early, should be a quick one.

      1. But alas, I came to work in a dress and heels. Considering my past troubles with DUs, the degree of difficulty of jumping while wearing said dress and heels is of Olympic proportions. I’ll do 200 DUs in my mind during my scalp massage. It’s pretty much the same thing.

  2. F-double-unders! (my nemesis)

    But, got a 3 mile run in this morning, still dripping sweat.

  3. 14:01 (100 DUs)

  4. First WOD back after a freaking wonderful but sorta lazy vacation.
    Modified: run to speed bump 175 singles run to speed bump (600 m????)

    isn’t cville awesome in the spring!

  5. 10:20 RX at Lannigan Field

  6. around 13:30 scaled to 100 du’s at Lannigan Field. chased off track by old man so just ran in the parking lot for 3 minutes for the 2nd 800m.

  7. We renamed this WOD “The Crybaby”.

    Scaled to 50 double unders, and my lovely time of 20:53 included bug flying into my eye on first 800m run, trying to get said bug out of eye and run at the same time all the way back from the stop sign, begged Landon to let me do singles, taking a pee break on double under #43, and trying so hard not to puke on second 800m run that it made me cry. Literally. Thus the renaming.

    Thanks for the much-needed encouragement, Landon! You’re the best.

    1. Not to mention Paige’s first PR during warmups of 3 stringed together DUs and then a new PR of FIVE DUs during the WOD!!!! Go Paige!!! Super trooper.

    2. Joelle Boissenin April 2, 2010 — 8:35 pm

      You’re freaking awesome, Paige! Had I been there, I would have cried with you.

    3. way to battle!!!

  8. 11:52 rx. DUs need work

  9. 14:25 Rx

    Lost my DU rhythm. Gonna spend next week finding it again.

  10. 8:33

    Run 400m
    50 du’s
    Run 400m

  11. 18:23 rx
    First time creeping through DUs in a workout. Got a pr of 22 in a row during warmups.

  12. EVERYONE who came into the gym today did at least 50 double unders! Nice work everyone!!!!

  13. Gretchen Kittelberger April 7, 2010 — 8:11 pm

    12:16 rx

  14. @ Lannigan Field again

    10min RX

  15. Hey guys. I’m a CrossFit wanna be stationed at Fort Leavenworth, KS. I just starting learning about CrossFit 3 weeks ago and am getting hooked pretty quickly. Because of the nature of my job in the Army, it’s a perfect fit to develop my ability to exert maximum effort from between 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Anyway, because I’m pretty new and anxious to learn from others, do y’all mind if I post now and again as part of your remote, online community?

    1. We’d be honored!

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