6 thoughts on “Saturday Classes Cancelled (Except On-Ramp)

  1. All men and women who are interested in being on a tug-of-war team should come out! We’ll meet by the garage entrance and then head to the park.

    Again, the actual competition will be during the afternoon on April 18th.
    At this point, I know that we have enough people for a men’s team. I’m not sure if we have enough interest to field a women’s team. Ladies?

    1. Nice butt shot. You know I’m in!

    2. come on girls its time to show the rest of cville how hard you have been working!

  2. I’m totally in too. I’ll be there tomorrow.

  3. We have 6 people definitely for “The Barbelles” (that’s our name to rival the guys’ ‘tuggernauts’). We have one ‘maybe’. We need some other girls, you know you want to!!! And come out Saturdays to practice, because it’s fun.

    1. wooo we have a full team! Now to make t-shirts. See y’all in the gym!

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