18 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Joby

  1. why are you guys so happy carrying that tire?

    1. We’re always happy when we’re at CrossFit, Kyle!

      1. And sexy. Check out Hillary’s slow-mo hair flip.

    2. a) We were almost there
      b) We knew there was a picture being taken and HAD to smile 🙂

  2. 12:24 (111# back squat, Box HSPU)

  3. 11:12 (Box HSPU, 67# FS)

  4. 14:20, box hspu’s, 57#s

    1. Nice dude!!!

  5. 11:20 (89#, 5 HSPU+remainder Box HSPU)

  6. 155#/1 ab matt for HSPU 19:39…

    nice WOD…I deff got better

    1. i have the sweetest picture of Landon doing HSPU. he looks like an inverted frog.

  7. Gretchen Kittelberger April 8, 2010 — 8:06 pm

    FS 5×3 121-126-126-133-138

    Wod: 15:05 w/ 53# KB swings instead of front squats, and full range of motion on all the hspu’s

  8. 13:28 –77#, 2 abmats (should have done more like 1 abmat and a 10kilo plate or something… this ROM was too easy)

    So, 5# heavier on FS and more ROM on HSPUs than in January, but a minute slower. Don’t know how I feel about that.

  9. 18:05 143# box HSPU tried 2abmats but could only get 7.

  10. 17:20 111FS, 9 HSPU with dumbbells (neutral grip) and 3 abmats, the rest on box.

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