18 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Landon

  1. i did this the other day in less than 3 minutes.

    1. Were you on fire or was someone chasing you? 😉

  2. Thanks for the tire change last night. It was good to get out of the rain.

    I think when that tire gets to light you can start carrying my car around the building. Wikipedia says it weights 1880 lb.

    1. No problem 🙂

  3. Kyle – you asked about team workouts. The box near my home in IL does team workouts every Saturday – if you go through their archives I’m sure you can find some good WODs.


    1. Yay for partner workouts!!!

  4. 8:02, 143# DL

  5. 7:25 w/ 221# DL. OUCH.

  6. 368# 7:30 Rx

  7. 7:03 155#

  8. Could not make it to the box today so did 50 assisted pull ups and four sprint intervals- I think maybe 300 meters.

    I think it’s gretchens “revenge” b/c she is such a pro she makes it look easy!

  9. 6:14 258#

  10. 7:12 265#

  11. 204# 8:46 Rx and damn that was heavy

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