Tug O’ War Registration and After Party

The tug tournament will be Sunday, April 18th, and officially starts at 2pm.  I expect that the tourney will last until around 5pm.  Register online at www.uvatug.com.  Registration requires a $10 donation to the Charlottesville Free Clinic.

For the purposes of registering:
The official men’s team name is The Tuggernaut
The official women’s team name is The Barbelles

If you register online, please plan to show up to the tournament at 1:30pm. If you do not register online, please show up earlier than 1:30 to allow time to get registered.

What to bring
cleats, sunscreen, hat, an easily digestible snack (e.g. protein shake + apple sauce + coconut milk) CF Charlottesville shirts, blue and red ribbons, sparkly makeup, your f-cking A-game. Get pumped.
If you have any questions, please email Forney: jforney@virginia.edu

After Party

Everyone is invited to come to Paige’s house after the competition for beer and snacks. Address: 512 13th Street NW, on the corner of 13th and Grady. You can park at Paige’s house and walk over to the competition if you want. Please RSVP to Paige by Friday if you plan to come.

13 thoughts on “Tug O’ War Registration and After Party

  1. slash on your breaks if anyone gets too hot/bored/dehydrated or really wants to see where I live…my house is literally right on madbowl soooo you can call me (757.619.6903) and come crash if you want! I’ll scrounge some refreshments if you need them and I’m always awesome entertainment soooo… other than that, I’ll be watching you all from our roof 🙂

    1. Yo, you should get your girls to put a team together!

  2. ANOTHER reason to come out and have fun: I’ll have just finished up my PhD exams that weekend. Ready to pull; ready to kick @$$; and ready to party.

    1. I registered! So we should be all set now.

      1. Yay!!!

      1. thanks! Really can’t wait to get this thing done finally.

  3. For people tugging:
    Please bring extra chalk and ace bandage, if you have some.

  4. Registered and considering not shaving until then.

    1. me, too! (j/k… sort of…)

  5. shaving is not paleo.

    1. Neither is toilet paper. How far do you want to take this?

      1. Good thing there are plenty of leaves in C’ville. Try doing Paleo hardcore in Tucson — now that’s another story! Paige, you are so sexy.

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