31 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Keep on Truckin’

  1. That looks fun (well it’s about 15 too many burpees for my taste but otherwise looks fun :-). Wish I was in town.

  2. can the muscle ups be on the bar?

  3. 15:51
    1st round: 211# DL/106# PC, for muscle-ups subbed 3 PUs and 10 second ring hold
    last 4 rounds: 189# DL, 106# PC, for muscle-ups subbed 3 PUs and 6 toe ring dips

    1. Addendum: power nap for time before work — 25 minutes. That workout tired me out!

  4. 11:34: 243#DL, 89# PC, 3 PU and 6 ring dips per round

  5. 13:00 209# DL, 89# PC (3 per round), 6 ring dips, 6 ring rows

  6. Random Philly CF question that hopefully someone can answer: what box should I visit while I’m there? I’ll be there first week in May for a long weekend visiting and will obviously want to check out a box while there. The closest one to my uncle is Crossfit Center City, but the one with the best website is Crossfit South Philly (but I think they are closed on weekends, which is sad). And then there’s Crossfit Love? And advice/thoughts would be great.

    1. I can’t offer advice, but if you wind up going to Crossfit Love, you MUST get me a tshirt!!

      1. Right now I’m leaning toward Crossfit CC — they’re in easy walking distance and their facebook page makes them seem awesome (plus their box looks so cute and tiny).

    2. grab me a t-shirt!

      1. Silly Kyle I’ve course I’ll get a shirt to add to your collection.

      2. of course*

      3. ok, because I have an addiction.

  7. 14:36, 138 dl, 79 pc, 6 blue band pu’s/6 ring dips

  8. 12:00 (311# DL, 133# PC, 6 false grip ring pullups / 6 ring dips)

    1. what happened?

      1. Psychosomatic shoulder injury? It appears to be gone already.

    2. rest up! that workout yesterday was brutalll

  9. 10:38 (101# DL, 47# PC, 6 blue jpu/3 knee push ups, 10 burpees)

  10. 14:00 287# DL, 155# PC, sub pull ups and ring dips

  11. Gretchen Kittelberger April 14, 2010 — 9:32 pm

    15:42ish? rx

  12. nice work to everyone who came today. that was not an easy WOD.

  13. Francesco – thank you so much for letting me only do three rounds. I hope I wasn’t too much of an inconvenience!
    3 rounds (dl 165, pc 89, 1 pullup/6 red band dips): too rushed to worry about time
    Speed to football game for time: 12 minutes

  14. 13:52. 265 DL, 133 PC, 6 PU, 6 Ring dips (with a little bit of toe cheat for the last 4 rounds).

  15. 10:42 155# DL, 72# PC, 6 muscle-ups w/toes on the box

  16. First WOD that was almost “visit with pukie” as Kyle calls it ( “VWP’) but Fran you helped me through buddy.
    PC: 50#
    6 Blue P/U
    6 Ring Dips

    1. Francesco helped everyone through this, and help was needed. Thanks, Cecco!

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