Saturday Workout: Sprints

Two big events this weekend:

1. John and Marissa are tying the knot on Saturday! We’ll have a special newly wed workout for the planned next time they are in the gym. Congrats!!!!

2. We’ll be pulling and tugging starting at 2PM on Sunday in Mad Bowl. Come out and watch us win!

Only 11AM classes on Saturdays from now on…Oly Lifting begins at NOON.


Do park sprints (~40 meters) in the practice field from asphalt to little hill thing.

10 Sprints, on the Minute.


Turkish Getups 15 Each Side

13 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Sprints

  1. My WoD was the C’ville 8k. 41 minutes something. Will post official time when I know. I had estimated 45 minutes so I’m pleased with the result.

    Xfitting definitely improved my fitness level and made this challenge accomplishment possible and actually pleasant.

    1. awesome job!!!

  2. Sprints complete.
    About 9-10sec per sprint

    The sprints were 65m vice 40m. We went first tree to last tree

    15 Turkish get-ups each side w/ 35#

    1. you were in the gym!!?!?!

      1. Ya, where were you? haha

        My week was pretty light on PT and the schedule has been too hectic to get my own in so I stopped by.

        Cat made me promise to post a news flash before I stop in next time.

        Depending on how my body feels after next week (3 mile hike w/80# pack on Wed and Martial Arts training all day Thurs and Fri) I may try to stop by next Sat. I’ll make sure to announce it this time.

      2. Nate was there and it was magical

  3. Okay let’s see if I can remember this all…

    O-lift WOD:
    Muscle Clean — 1 heavy +3 front squats: worked up to 101# (could have gone heavier)
    Snatch High Pull — 3×5: 67#, 72#, 79#
    Heavy Clean Pull — 1×5: 123# (could have gone heavier)
    Sott’s press — 3×3 each side: 12#, 15#, 15#

  4. MC – 155# (1 + FS) couldn’t quite tell if my body was bending naturally… but I was out of time
    Snatch HP – 111# (3×5)
    Clean Pull – 177# (1×5)
    Sott’s Press (fun!) – 20 lb (3×3 each arm)

  5. completed the sprints, not sure how many seconds it took, but it was slower than Nate. 🙂

    Turkish getups: 15# x 9, 10# x 6

    1. About 13-14 sec each. Cat was 11-12 sec each.

  6. Sprints are great!!!

    I did I think 10 or 11 did one extra just to make sure…. average about 10secs each…Im SO SLOW

  7. @Nate- You need to post your visits! – we’ve missed you
    @Amy- ur funny!
    @Landon- ur FAST

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