Friday Workout: Power Cleans

Please Note: There will be no Friday 5pM Class as we will be attending Matt’s Vigil.  The final April On-Ramp will start at 6:30PM (not the 6 we had mentioned).  We’ll start the 6PM class when we get back from the vigil. Please note we may be running a few minutes late.


Power Clean 5-5-5-3-3-3


15 Minutes of Max Height Box Jump Attempts (watch yo’ shins)


3 Attempts Max Rep Pullups

Record highest jump in inches and each round of pullups to score.

19 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Power Cleans

  1. can I just guesstimate the height of my funsies jump and count that as my max height box jump? Because I doubt I’ll ever get that kind of air time again.

    1. Also, Matt would have loved this WOD. He was really loving learning the power clean, and he was always curious as to how high he could jump, sometimes attempting dangerous jumps onto stacked boxes whenever a trainer wasn’t looking.

    2. I was seriously admiring your jump!

  2. Yeah…that’s some gnarly air….Not photoshopped is it?

  3. Power cleans: 67 67 67 67 72 72
    Jump- 18 inch box + one 10 kg plate…..I started at it for a loooonnnngggg time

    Pull ups….box assisted- 8, 5, 4

    1. Meant stared….looked at….contemplated what injury I would sustain if I missed….missed a few times- I think one time jumped over the thing(hmmm…more like tripped over it)….then finally jumped on it.

      1. Why are those darn boxes so intimidating?

  4. PC: 121×5

    Box Jump: 43.5″ (24″ + 5x 20kg + 10kg)

    Strict pull-ups: 20-15-12

  5. pc: 67#
    bj (hah!): 24″ box + 3 20kg plates
    red band pu’s: 6-4-5

    1. what’s so funny about bj’s????

      JUST KIDDING. I heart you, Cat.

  6. PC: 99/99/104, 111/111/116 (PR, but I’m still a lazy cleaner and need to stop that)
    BJ: 24″ box + 2 20kg plates (~31″)
    PUs (red band strict): 7/6/6

  7. 24″ box + 20kg + 20kg = 32″ (scary! But fun!)

    1. awesome work on the box jumps!

  8. PC: 116/121/126/126/133/138
    BJ: 45″
    PU: 18/11/10 strict

    1. Nice work!! Crazy seeing that many 20kg plates stacked on top of a box…

    2. I have a sweet video of that jump.

      1. can’t say that and not post it!

  9. PC: 67/67/67/77/77(x2)/77(x2) kept failing on the third rep…guess it really was my 3 rep max? Oh and 77# is a PR

    BJ: 28″ (24″ box + 20kg). Then my knees turned to water and I couldn’t even attempt more.

    PU: 1.99 dead hang (I thought getting pullup #2 was supposed to be easier than getting the first one??) /5 red band (overhand grip)/6 red band (underhand grip)

  10. Belated update –

    PC: 67# for all sets (took it easy, nursing a sore back)

    BJ: 24″ + 3 x 20kg + 2 x 10kg = is that ~40″(?)

    PU: 8/6/4 (strict)

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